Who’s Got Game?

At a bar with no foosball, pool table, Jenga or beer pong? Forgot your portable dice or deck of cards at home? Tired of staring at the TV? Not a good conversationalist? Well Social Cycle has you covered with some game ideas during your tour. 

Shot Roulette

First, each participant needs a shot glass. Second, fill all glasses with water except one with vodka. Third, shuffle the shot glasses around. Fourth, everyone pinches their noses and takes their shot one at a time until the inevitable happens; someone gets the vodka. Finally, if the person who gets the vodka shot manages to conceal the fact that they drank the vodka, that participant gets to choose someone to take a vodka shot. If not, fill ‘em up and keep the rounds comin’!


The Name Game
This game only requires one to know famous people – easy, right? First, the game begins with the first player saying the name of a famous person. For example, they start by saying Winston Churchill. Secondly, it’s up to the following player to say a famous person’s name that begins with the first letter of the last name just mentioned. A possibility in this situation could be Christina Aguilera followed by the next player saying a name and so on.  Now if a player says a name where the first and last name starts with the same letter, the game changes direction. Finally, if a player cannot immediately name someone they must take a drink and the game restarts. So, turn off those phones and turn up the brain power! 


Text or Shot

First, everyone must have a cell phone. Second, place all the phones in the middle of the table and shuffle them up. Third, everyone grabs a random phone. Fourth, without sending it, everyone composes a text message to someone on that phone. Next, the group goes around in a circle and, without seeing the message the phone’s owner can choose to take a shot or let their phone’s captor send the message. The game then continues until everyone has zero friends left on their phone (joking!) – but, there might be some explaining to do in the morning!  


Bar Golf

This game is short and simple. It consists of playing at each bar on your stop and assigning different drinks par values (points).  For example, a shot is par 1, a mixed drink is par 2, an IPA beer is par 3 and a pilsner beer is par 4. After your tour ends add up your scores and reward the winner with… a golf clap? We dunno, but we’re sure you’ll think of something.  Oh, and don’t forget to wear your golf attire!



Do you like animals? Can you make animal noises? If so, this game is for you. First, every player chooses an animal. Second, the first player acts out his/her animal by its noise, motion or both. Third, when that player is finished acting out their animal they point to the next player who then follows by replicating the noise/motion of their animal. Play should move quickly, and anyone who pauses too long has to drink. The game requires a voice, some flailing arms and a high tolerance when getting heckled from your fellow patrons. Hee-Haw!! 

Editor’s Note: Please drink responsibly and be respectful of the bars you attend. Oh, and remember you still need to pedal! Happy Gaming!!