Social Cycle Tour Ideas: Costumes!

Did you just book a Social Cycle tour? Are you looking to spice up your ride and stand out? Well we here at Social Cycle have compiled a list of costume tours to help you out. 

Sumo Squad:

Having a huge problem thinking of a costume idea? Looking to make a big statement? This squad brought it to a different level with inflatable wrestler costumes for a sumo Sunday Social Cycle. Don’t forget to order some sake!  



Take a blast back to the past with some like totally rad 80s outfits. This crew jazzercised their way thru the streets of Santa Barbara. Other 80s party ideas could include themed movies, musicians, characters and even fads. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your 80s playlist!



Yee Haw! Grab your hat, rustle up some denim and strap on your boots for a cowgirl themed outing. These lovely ladies of the west ‘steered’ their Social Cycle wagon thru the San Diego streets looking for trouble. A country music playlist and a country bar were on their trail as they mosey’d up to the bars in search of some firewater.      


Women in Wigs:

Wiggin’ out trying to think of a good idea? Then just keep it simple and toss on a wacky ‘n wild colorful wig. These gorgeous ladies pedaled around with their wavy hair like they just don’t care. 



We.Are.Speechless. This picture is the gift that keeps on giving. These fellas went overboard in overalls with bonus points for single strapping, cutoffs and roll-ups.  (Shirts not required)