Social Cycle Tour Ideas: Costumes!

Did you just book a Social Cycle tour? Are you looking to spice up your ride and stand out? Well we here at Social Cycle have compiled a list of costume tours to help you out. 

Sumo Squad:

Having a huge problem thinking of a costume idea? Looking to make a big statement? This squad brought it to a different level with inflatable wrestler costumes for a sumo Sunday Social Cycle. Don’t forget to order some sake!  



Take a blast back to the past with some like totally rad 80s outfits. This crew jazzercised their way thru the streets of Santa Barbara. Other 80s party ideas could include themed movies, musicians, characters and even fads. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your 80s playlist!



Yee Haw! Grab your hat, rustle up some denim and strap on your boots for a cowgirl themed outing. These lovely ladies of the west ‘steered’ their Social Cycle wagon thru the San Diego streets looking for trouble. A country music playlist and a country bar were on their trail as they mosey’d up to the bars in search of some firewater.      


Women in Wigs:

Wiggin’ out trying to think of a good idea? Then just keep it simple and toss on a wacky ‘n wild colorful wig. These gorgeous ladies pedaled around with their wavy hair like they just don’t care. 



We.Are.Speechless. This picture is the gift that keeps on giving. These fellas went overboard in overalls with bonus points for single strapping, cutoffs and roll-ups.  (Shirts not required)

Who’s Got Game?

At a bar with no foosball, pool table, Jenga or beer pong? Forgot your portable dice or deck of cards at home? Tired of staring at the TV? Not a good conversationalist? Well Social Cycle has you covered with some game ideas during your tour. 

Shot Roulette

First, each participant needs a shot glass. Second, fill all glasses with water except one with vodka. Third, shuffle the shot glasses around. Fourth, everyone pinches their noses and takes their shot one at a time until the inevitable happens; someone gets the vodka. Finally, if the person who gets the vodka shot manages to conceal the fact that they drank the vodka, that participant gets to choose someone to take a vodka shot. If not, fill ‘em up and keep the rounds comin’!


The Name Game
This game only requires one to know famous people – easy, right? First, the game begins with the first player saying the name of a famous person. For example, they start by saying Winston Churchill. Secondly, it’s up to the following player to say a famous person’s name that begins with the first letter of the last name just mentioned. A possibility in this situation could be Christina Aguilera followed by the next player saying a name and so on.  Now if a player says a name where the first and last name starts with the same letter, the game changes direction. Finally, if a player cannot immediately name someone they must take a drink and the game restarts. So, turn off those phones and turn up the brain power! 


Text or Shot

First, everyone must have a cell phone. Second, place all the phones in the middle of the table and shuffle them up. Third, everyone grabs a random phone. Fourth, without sending it, everyone composes a text message to someone on that phone. Next, the group goes around in a circle and, without seeing the message the phone’s owner can choose to take a shot or let their phone’s captor send the message. The game then continues until everyone has zero friends left on their phone (joking!) – but, there might be some explaining to do in the morning!  


Bar Golf

This game is short and simple. It consists of playing at each bar on your stop and assigning different drinks par values (points).  For example, a shot is par 1, a mixed drink is par 2, an IPA beer is par 3 and a pilsner beer is par 4. After your tour ends add up your scores and reward the winner with… a golf clap? We dunno, but we’re sure you’ll think of something.  Oh, and don’t forget to wear your golf attire!



Do you like animals? Can you make animal noises? If so, this game is for you. First, every player chooses an animal. Second, the first player acts out his/her animal by its noise, motion or both. Third, when that player is finished acting out their animal they point to the next player who then follows by replicating the noise/motion of their animal. Play should move quickly, and anyone who pauses too long has to drink. The game requires a voice, some flailing arms and a high tolerance when getting heckled from your fellow patrons. Hee-Haw!! 

Editor’s Note: Please drink responsibly and be respectful of the bars you attend. Oh, and remember you still need to pedal! Happy Gaming!! 

Social Cycle’s Survival Guide To Winters In Southern California

Did you know that temperatures in Southern California can dip down to 40 degrees? We know it’s unbearable and scary to think about, but here at Social Cycle we have you covered. We have put together a survival guide for you.

Dress Appropriately: Mom always said to wear a hat in the cold because we lose 80% of our body heat through our head. So, bundle up with a jacket, hoodie, hat, beanie, earmuffs, scarf and gloves. Want to add some extra flair to your tour? Make it a themed tour and wear a warm costume or onesie.








Daytime Tours: Book a daytime tour and avoid our frigid arctic Southern California nighttime temperatures.








Keep Those Feet Pedaling: While on your tour you’ll be pedaling, thus generating instant body warmth from stomping on the pedals. To create further warmth waive your arms around like a wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tubeman!








During Your Tour Stops: For those chilly nights order a hot and tasty boozy beverage. Irish coffee, hot toddies and hot buttered rum are some of our favorites!








During Your Tour Stops: Still cold? Well it’s time to hit the dance floor and dance, dance, dance! Warm those muscles and impress your friends while doing the running man, the sprinkler, the dougie or even a little flossing.

Social Cycle Holiday Gift Ideas

It’s the holiday season! Time to spend hours choosing a gift for each person in your life, or not, but no worries we’ve got you covered! Avoid the crowded malls and hop on your computer to pick-up some of our gift ideas. Depending on when you purchase one of these gifts some will come with an additional discount and/or free shipping!


For Her: Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Is she a yogi? Well, this 5mm mat is suitable for all her Namaste mantra yogi activities. As an added bonus these mats are made from repurposed wetsuits.


For Him: Baxter of California: Best of Baxter

Launched in 1965, in a time when men’s skincare was basically non-existent Baxter gained a cult following among the Hollywood crowd. Today, Baxter of California is a staple of the men’s grooming industry. This set will have him covered from head to toe with hair, skin, body and shave products.

For the New Mom: Mommy’s First Milestones Wine Labels

Want to give that new mom the present of laughter and relief? Mommy’s first milestones wine labels are for her significant life firsts into motherhood. The set of four labels include first date night, first girls’ night out, baby on the move and of course, first public tantrum. We know she will waaaah this!



For The Newborn Dad: The Rad Dad Box

Looking for something different for that new dad? The Rad Dad Box will provide him with everything he needs to survive the first two weeks of fatherhood, plus a little something for later! The Newborn Starter Kit includes a newborn book, manly hand sanitizer for those diaper changes, two pairs of earplugs for mom and dad, a foldable fork/spoon/knife set great for dads on the go, baby soap, an organic washcloth, nail files and a crocheted donut rattle because you can never start their musical career too early! What more could Rad Dad ask for?


For the Family with Kids: Egged On

For that wacky family with kids looking for an egg-cellent game! Egg On is a suspenseful, fast-paced, laugh-out-loud party game. Get ready for plenty of laughs as players compete to be the last one left without getting wet. Choose one egg at a time, not knowing whether it will be filled with water or not. Choose carefully! Once an egg is chosen, it has to be used. Who will be the last one left in this showdown? It’s yolk-ingly fun!


For The Thirsty Peddler: Social Cycle Private Tour

Need a gift for someone with an upcoming birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, holiday party or just an excuse to have fun with friends? Well, book them a tour on Social Cycle! Southern California’s Best Party Bike!


For the Techie Traveler: Travel Cord Roll

Tired of watching loved ones get caught up in their tangle cords? Well, worry no more, as they will be easily packing electronic cords and other knick-knacks with this stylish travel roll. Tangled techie be gone!

For the Drinker: Upcycled Record Coasters

Rock out one’s coffee table with these stylish retro vinyl record coasters.  They’re perfect for music lovers, and their friends will be rolling with jealousy. These coasters are made out of a durable silicone, free to bend and environmentally non-toxic.


For the Gardening Chef: Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

Vintageinspired planters that use a passive hydroponic system make it easy to grow herbs in the kitchen. Give the gift that keeps giving… errr… we mean keeps growing! 

8 Places to Visit in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara is an undiscovered treasure – it can seem like an underdog compared to the bigger California tourist destinations like San Diego or Palm Springs, but it’s a hidden gem with lots of unique sights to see. Whether you’re looking to find a day of relaxation or a night of painting the town red, Santa Barbara attractions are varied and span the board of all different kinds of fun. See a show, sip a drink, or enjoy the views – These are the best things to do in Santa Barbara!

Catch A Show At Santa Barbara Bowl

It’s time for a night on the town that is full of jams, drinks and an awesome atmosphere for some live music. The Santa Barbara Bowl is a non-profit and the leading outdoor performing arts center in California, and they get some BIG names in for shows. From Rod Stewart to Arctic Monkeys to Shaggy, they’ve got genres for everyone.

Enjoy The Urban Wine Trail

Try a wine tour fit for a queen – The Urban Wine Trail has a reputation of highlighting the best wines in SB – with all the choices on the trail, even the pickiest sommelier-wannabe will be happy. What is wine without a food pairing? Disappointing. Grab a delish sammie at Metropulos Fine Foods to soak up all the wine!

Gardens at Lotusland

Reconnect with your green thumb, and see what kind of giant Jurassic Park-style plants are still around today. Lotusland is a great place to relax and stroll through amazing floral scents and gorgeous blooms. It’s a perfect way to restore and find some calm in a fast-paced world. Lotusland also holds events such as historical programs and exhibits.

Hike Inspiration Point

The perfect way to escape the rat race to enjoy a good sweat and better views. The Inspiration Point hike is well-trafficked, but for a great reason. It is a great length and ends with a great reward –  amazing ocean vista. Grab your favorite workout buddy and enjoy one of Santa Barbara’s iconic hikes!

Social Cycle party bike driving down the street by the ocean

Santa Barbara Party Bike Tours

It was obvious we were going to make our own list of Santa Barbara fun, right?! Join us for a roll through Santa Barbara’s best bar scene and brew scene. Social Cycle is the perfect way to see the best of Santa Barbara and have a blast doing it!

pool and palm trees at the Bacara in Santa Barbara at dusk

Spa Day At Bacara

Spa at the Bacara is an incredible, holistic spa-experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to go! Relax in their redwood sauna and eucalyptus steam room while enjoying their incredible treatments, like their Hollywood Facial. Pretend you’re an A-list celeb and soak in the luxury!

Front of Green Table's building

Enjoy A Vegan Meal At Green Table

We’re lucky to have an abundance of eateries in Southern California that are vegan and gluten-free, but we especially love the Green Table. With a nutritionist as their general manager, you know you’re eating food that tastes good and is good for you! It’s a great option if you’re looking for a juice cleanse, or if you need something a little more filling. Try the Veggie Pizza!

Brass Bear founders at the bar with beer

Have A Beer At Brass Bear Brewing

We love the story behind Brass Bear Brewing and we LOVE their beer (which is why they’re a bar partner for our Santa Barbara party bike tours). Started by a husband and wife dream team in 2016, Brass Bear serves awesome beer, wine, cider, charcuterie boards, and hot sandwiches that will have you coming back for more. Support an awesome biz that serves some awesome brews!


The History of Party Bikes | Who Invented These Crazy Things?

In the last few years, party bikes have popped up in almost every metropolitan area in the US and have spread their happy vibes down the streets of all these cities! However, it wasn’t always a popular activity for tourists and locals alike.

In 1997, Henk and Zwier Van Laar, brothers from the Netherlands, came up with the idea of “Fietscafe” or “bike cafe” in English. Sitting at a bar and listening to the owner’s woes of needing to promote his pub in a local parade prompted them to build a multi-person bike that could be pedaled down the street during the parade. They started manufacturing and distributing the bikes soon after that and they quickly started to gain popularity in Europe.

It wasn’t until 2007 that the Fietscafe made it over the pond to the US. Al Boyce came across a photo of this crazy contraption and decided to bring one over to the US. Eric Olson and Al Boyce purchased a bike from the Van Laar brothers, trademarked the brand “PedalPub”, and claimed the “first and oldest party bike business in the United States.”

So, how exactly did this story lead to SoCal party bike business? It’s been a crazy adventure since the start of Social Cycle, but it’s worked out really well, thanks to the support of party bike patrons along the way.

Owner and founder, Laura Rovick, moved to San Diego for college and then worked in marketing and sales after graduating. Laura realized she was ready to start something new and on her own, but wasn’t sure what exactly that would be. Her sister suggested she“call those crazy bike guys in Minnesota that you always talk about.” So, Laura called the Pedal Pub guys in Minneapolis and as fate would have it, found out that one of them was in San Diego for the weekend. They grabbed a beer (what else, right?) and the rest is history! Social Cycle San Diego launched the first year followed by Palm Springs and Santa Barbara in the years following.

“We’ve built the business, but more importantly, built a team and a family that always has each other’s back. We’re proud to be SoCal’s best party bike and can’t wait to continue to provide the best tours in San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Palm Springs!” – Laura Rovick



4 Fun & Unique Ways to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday

Twenty-one is a big milestone…you’ve made it through the first two decades of your life and you’re finally allowed to (legally) drink. Southern California has SO many great bars and restaurants that serve great local beer, specialty cocktails, and feature awesome live music to get your night going right. It’s almost inevitable that you’ll end up drinking a little more than you bargained for that night, but instead of starting off the night by walking bar to bar, we’ve rounded up our four favorite 21st birthday party ideas.

1. Party Bikes!

You’ll get to pedal around your city with up to sixteen of your favorite friends and explore some of the neighborhood’s best bars. Not only do we have great partnerships set up with our friends at these bars (a.k.a., you’ll save some cash this way), you’ll make memories you *hopefully* won’t forget. Social Cycle party bike tours are a great way to kick the night off right in a unique way that will be the envy of your already-twenty-one friends who didn’t have a cool party like this.

2. Food Tours

You’re going to be consuming some alcohol that night, that’s why you’re going out! Get the celebration started with a food tour around the city and give yourself a little bit of food in your stomach for when those nice strangers at the bar start buying you shots.

3. Bartending Class

Chances are, you couldn’t make a classy cocktail before this day. Not because you’re not classy, but because you were limited to the cheap alcohol your friends would bring over to your house. Vodka and Country Time Lemonade? Done. But that’s all changed! You have entered into the real legal world where you can freely spend $100 on quality liquor, grab some bitters, and even learn what muddling means.

4. Wine Tasting

Turns out there’s more to wine than red or white, who knew! Now that you can drink *all* the varietals, visit a local vineyard and learn how to tell the difference of how it smells on the nose and tastes on the palate.

Building Better Teams with Fun Corporate Team Building

Unique team building tours have shaken corporate America in the last few years. From escape rooms to improv classes to party bike tours, there is a multitude of ways to bring your employees together that are fun, engaging, and out-of-the-(boring)box.

Since we are Southern California’s experts on all things fun, we wanted to focus on our favorite corporate team building outing- party bikes. We’ll cover how corporate party bike tours teach employees the importance of teamwork and how you can build a team while building some muscle.

Now, screaming “PEDAL!” at the top of your lungs while you cruise down the street on Social Cycle may not be your first idea of great communication and teamwork, but you’ll quickly realize that in order to make it to your next destination everyone needs to be moving those legs and engaging to successfully make it down the street. Similarly to tasks in the workplace, everything gets accomplished faster and better when you have a team of people working in unison towards the same goal.

“Great way of fun team building with co-workers celebrating the success of our financial audit. It was so much fun going around Pacific Beach on Social Cycle and stopping for drinks while enjoying each other’s company.”

Occasionally, offices can become similar to high school cafeterias. You’ve got legal in this area, HR over here, and sales and marketing over there. And similar to vinegar and oil, they do NOT like to mix. However, bringing different departments together can create a feeling of unison within the entire company. Sitting them next to each other on a moving 16-person party bike will ensure that the individuals who wouldn’t normally interact have an opportunity to get to know each other and bond over the shared perspiration and exhilaration they experience while exploring the city. Back in the office, this connection and blossoming friendship will encourage departments to work closely together to accomplish goals and increase communication between employees.

“We were in town for a company incentive trip. One of our awesome team mates coordinated 2 time slots with 4 bikes at a time. We had such a blast. The bars on a Monday were not over crowded and reasonably priced. Just a little warning, you really do have to pedal lol.”

Finally, it takes strong communication and teamwork to make decisions. Which bars are you going to hit? Will you be stopping at a cupcake shop along the way to get your sugar fix? These are decisions that everyone should make together. Similarly to office life (and just life), sometimes you have to learn to compromise to get the job done. It’s actually impossible for every person to get their own way (we know this first-hand) so teaching your employees to have discussions and make group decisions will help your party bike tour go smoothly and your weekly meetings go even smoother.

We’re sure you’ve seen us pedaling down the street in SoCal, and you’ve probably thought it looked like an absolute blast! We love having San Diego corporate team building groups join us, as well as all those looking for team building in Palm Springs and Santa Barbara as well! If you’d like to learn more about booking a tour and watching your employees flourish, check out the link to your city’s corporate events page below.

San Diego Corporate Team Building

Palm Springs Corporate Team Building

Santa Barbara Corporate Team Building

The Perfect Santa Barbara Bachelorette Party

It’s (Bachelorette) Party Time! We know that planning the perfect bachelorette weekend in beautiful Santa Barbara can be amazing but also stressful! Let us help! Grab your girls, your matching t-shirts, and meet us down in the American Riviera.

Here’s our guide to the most memorable things to do, specialty drinks, food to eat, and places to stay that are sure to make yours the perfect bachelorette weekend!

Things to do in Santa Barbara for Bachelorette party with social cycle

What To Do

Social Cycle (duh)

Kick off your bachelorette weekend with a pedal around beautiful Santa Barbara. Grab your girls, some brews, and hop on! Check out all the best bars in Santa Barbara while pedaling away – so it’s healthy right?  You might even make some t-shirts so everyone around town knows that you’re the best bridal group… ever! Keep it intimate with a private bike, or just enjoy the party on a public ride. You can’t go wrong either way! Experience Santa Barbara in the best way with Social Cycle!

Wine Tours

No permission slip needed for this bus ride! Grab your hall pass and your girls and jump on the wine bus. Book a private tour and experience a rolling wine tasting of some of the best wines from Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez Valley! Jump on the School Bus wine tours specializes in making your bachelorette weekend perfect, complete with a themed school party bus to pick you up! The best part? You don’t have to pretend to know how to properly taste wine (I’m getting hints of… grapes?). This wine tour is sure to be a highlight of the weekend!

Yoga & Meditation

Let’s take a minute and go to our happy place! The classes at Salt Cave will help you achieve complete peace. Also how many times do you get to say you meditated in a salt cave?! The perfect place to meditate, then take an adorable pic of you and your bridal party. Make a day of it and reserve the bridal party experience. You’ll experience a whole new meaning to being zen!

Spa Day

Eucalyptus steam room. If that sounds good to you, this spa day will be absolutely perfect. Santa Barbara has no shortage of spas, but we especially love the services at the Ritz Carlton hotel. Overlooking the ocean, complete with a redwood sauna and rooftop bar, this spa is the picture of relaxation. Picture yourself relaxing with your girls while enjoying the featured chamomile lavender summer dream massage or the full body experience of chamomile lavender salt scrub. Get yourself ready for a night on the town with a day of relaxation.

Urban Wine Trail in the Funk Zone

Are you ready to sip your way through the wineries of downtown Santa Barbara? You should be! A wine tour with Urban Wine Trail brings a whole new meaning to boutique wineries. Customize your tour and make it 100% tailored to your party. DNCE recommended cake by the ocean, but we prefer wine by the ocean! Wine(d) your way around downtown Santa Barbara with your wine tour on wheels!


Does sipping on the sea sound as amazing to you as it does to us? Santa Barbara Sailing offers all the water fun you can imagine. Take your girls for a day cruise or get a little workout in with a stand-up paddle board excursion (not that you need it – mimosas have orange juice in them so they’re healthy). Take a private charter to the world-famous Channel Islands National Park and Marine Sanctuary, the Galapagos of the Pacific. We absolutely cannot get over the amazing pictures you can take on these beautiful boats with a breathtaking backdrop. Brunch on a yacht is nice, but brunch on a sailboat is truly spectacular.

Places to eat and drink for your bachelorette weekend in santa barbara

Where to Eat & Drink

Finch & Fork

It’s time to experience the taste of Santa Barbara. If fire roasted milkshakes and baked mac ‘n’ cheese peak your interest, Finch & Fork is the place for you! They keep the food simple with 6 ingredients or less per dish, so it’s up to you and your girls to bring the adventure! This is the perfect place to keep your stomach in check before a wild night out!

The Lark

Everyone loves anything artisanal, right? The Lark’s unique vibe and exceptional dinner, dessert, and wine list is sure to make your night special. The dinner menu comes from three of our favorite places, “from the farm,” “from the ocean,” and “from the ranch.” Located in the heart of the Funk Zone, this is the perfect place to kick off your night!

The Shop Kitchen

Brunch. Coffee. Pastries. If that sounds amazing to you, check out The Shop! Everything is freshly baked just for you; plus their six variations of eggs benedict has our mouths watering. The Shop is the perfect place to kick-off a relaxing spa day with your girls or to catch-up after a wild night out. Keep the party going with some mimosas or refresh with a freshly roasted coffee from Handlebar Roasters!

Los Agaves

We are always in favor of a little south-of-the-border action. You’ll find plenty of that and much more at Los Agaves. Yelp rates it as one of the top five restaurants in Santa Barbara and we actually agree! They call it contemporary Mexican dining, we call it the perfect place for margs and signature enchiladas (think: fresh halibut and shrimp, roasted veggies, topped with smoky chipotle sauce.. amazing!). So, grab your girls and take the party south of the border!

Boathouse at Hendry’s

Cocktails.. On the beach.. At sunset – can it get better than that?! The Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach offers that sought-after California dining experience. Incredibly fresh seafood plus one of Santa Barbara’s best happy hours is sure to be a highlight of your bachelorette weekend! Get lost in the breathtaking sights of the ocean and the endless California shoreline with the perfect drink in your hand.


If you’re looking for a one-stop shop, we’ve found it for you! The Waterline is an amazing industrial warehouse turned food and drink destination. Inside is not only one, but four exceptional taprooms, wine bars, and brewing companies. Not to mention the food from The Nook is designed to pair beautifully with beer and wines offered throughout the venue. Bring the party and experience the industrial vibe at the Waterline.

Places to stay in santa barbara for your bachelorette party

Where to Stay

Hotel Milo

Ready to fall in love with Southern California beachside living? Hotel Milo offers classic SoCal beachfront with a contemporary twist. The blend of beach-chic decor with classic Spanish Colonial architecture is not only amazing to look at, but is sure to provide the perfect backdrop for an adorable party pic (do it for the Gram)! Speaking of pictures, image how picture perfect you and your girls will look cruising down the beach in your complimentary beach cruiser (rental included with your stay)!


Let’s kick this party up a notch, with an entire house! Rent an AirBnb and have all the freedom you can ask for, plus the comforts of home! Stay in one night and make that authentic Italian dinner you’ve been craving. Remember, the wine is absolutely pivotal! Have space to sprawl out or use that space to bring the party home! Find that adorable beach cottage just steps from amazing bars and breathtaking views.

Hotel Californian

Welcome to the Hotel California(n), such a lovely place. Okay, okay, we know this wasn’t exactly what the Eagles were talking about, but they would agree with how amazing this pick is. Redefine American Riviera with the modern Spanish colonial architecture. Steps from the beach and adjacent to the Funk Zone, the Hotel California is the perfect place for your party to begin! Did we mention the rooftop pool? Seriously, drinks, on the rooftop, overlooking the beach; paradise!

Kimpton Canary

Make your Bachelorette weekend truly exceptional at the luxurious Kimpton Canary. Complete with four-post beds to make you feel like the queen you are, and all-day rosé to indulge in, this place is so much more than a regular hotel. You already know we’re big fans of rooftop bars, and the Kimpton doesn’t disappoint with its rooftop pool and bar. Local wines are always making their rounds; plus, if you’re there on a Saturday morning, be sure to check out one of the rooftop yoga classes!

Four Seasons Biltmore

Did someone say bungalow? Treat yourself and your girls to the life of luxury at the Four Seasons. Get a private bungalow and bask in the secluded, relaxing nature of this luxurious stay. Don’t forget about the 22 acres of beachfront property ready for you to explore, or just look at (we aren’t judging)! Plus, the rain shower in every bathroom is sure to make the getting ready process utterly amazing.


Whether you’re a California local or your party is flying in for your SoCal bachelorette adventure, our Santa Barbara Bachelorette Guide will give you have an unforgettable vacation so you go home with memories to last a lifetime!

5 Party Fouls To Avoid On Your Next Social Cycle Tour

If there was a list of universal employee loved jobs, being a Captain for a party bike would be among the top. Seriously, you show up in summer swag, shades on, tunes bumpin’, to a group of strangers that are there for the sole purpose of a good time. Any introduction that begins with an ear-to-ear smile is generally considered a great start.

But oh how horrible things can go…

Just kidding.

In all seriousness, it is one knee slappin’ good time, but occasionally there are speed bumps.  We call these “party fouls” a.k.a. “what not to do (as a rider).”  Every party bike captain has dealt with ’em, so we wanted to share some of our favorites stories that everyone can learn from.

  1. Not Tipping The Bartenders

Think about it.  We roll up with energy levels full throttle.  The tour has just been singing, dancing, and pedaling their way over and then bop right into the joint with a crew of their closest 16 pals.  The bar is busy and that’s a win-win.  Service staff sees dollar signs, riders see stiff drinks, and I see a 30-minute break 😉

BUT this all comes crashing down when the bar patrons leave a next-to-nothing tip.  These poor bartenders may have just dealt with various individual drink orders, an equal amount of separate tabs, a brow full of sweat, and barely any coin to show for it.  The patrons then finish their one or two beverages before moving on to the next location while the bartenders look on, deflated.

Now I’m not saying that ya gotta leave your paycheck, but consider the effort to appease your squad of beautiful lunatics put in by the local watering hole staff. It will be appreciated and a round on-the-house might be in your future.

2. Wear Your Freaking Seatbelt (That Means Your Blowup Doll Too)

Our number two party foul/moral of the story comes with a funny little tale to go with it. Once upon a time, a group of party-ready pedalers brought a blow-up doll along for their tour. Now, we have no issue with this! We are always happy to accommodate our riders and their friends. But everyone should buckle up (dolls included), or you risk having a big gust of wind blow your blow-up doll into oncoming traffic and cause reduced visibility and car accidents. Yes, this actually happened, so we’ll just politely remind you to please wear your seat belt, for your safety and those around you.

3. Wear Shoes, Please.

Southern California is laid back, we definitely know that. If you’re lucky, you’re spending a good portion of your time on the beach, sand between your toes and no shoes to be found. However, since our party bike tours don’t take place on the beach, we’ve gotta request that you wear shoes on our tours. Not only is it safer for your feet (and way more sanitary), you won’t get to go inside any of our partner bars on the tour if you’re barefoot (it’s the whole “no shirt, no shoes, no service” rule).

4. Starting Your Tour Wasted

You paid to hop on a party bike – you know you’re gonna have to pedal! We know you’ll have some fun throughout the tour and that your pedaling performance might decrease along the way, but don’t ruin the fun by drinking too much before you even get here!

5. Bring Your Real ID – A Picture Doesn’t Count

It’s pretty common knowledge that most bars are going to ID (take it as a compliment, you’re looking young today). So please, pack your ID! Stick it in your friend’s purse, your boyfriend’s wallet, inside your shoe…just make sure it’s with you. Bartenders are busy people and they don’t have time to explain why a photo of your ID doesn’t pass for the real thing. Save yourself some time and headache and triple check that you have your ID before you hop on the bike!