Building Better Teams with Fun Corporate Team Building

Unique team building tours have shaken corporate America in the last few years. From escape rooms to improv classes to party bike tours, there is a multitude of ways to bring your employees together that are fun, engaging, and out-of-the-(boring)box.

Since we are Southern California’s experts on all things fun, we wanted to focus on our favorite corporate team building outing- party bikes. We’ll cover how corporate party bike tours teach employees the importance of teamwork and how you can build a team while building some muscle.

Now, screaming “PEDAL!” at the top of your lungs while you cruise down the street on Social Cycle may not be your first idea of great communication and teamwork, but you’ll quickly realize that in order to make it to your next destination everyone needs to be moving those legs and engaging to successfully make it down the street. Similarly to tasks in the workplace, everything gets accomplished faster and better when you have a team of people working in unison towards the same goal.

“Great way of fun team building with co-workers celebrating the success of our financial audit. It was so much fun going around Pacific Beach on Social Cycle and stopping for drinks while enjoying each other’s company.”

Occasionally, offices can become similar to high school cafeterias. You’ve got legal in this area, HR over here, and sales and marketing over there. And similar to vinegar and oil, they do NOT like to mix. However, bringing different departments together can create a feeling of unison within the entire company. Sitting them next to each other on a moving 16-person party bike will ensure that the individuals who wouldn’t normally interact have an opportunity to get to know each other and bond over the shared perspiration and exhilaration they experience while exploring the city. Back in the office, this connection and blossoming friendship will encourage departments to work closely together to accomplish goals and increase communication between employees.

“We were in town for a company incentive trip. One of our awesome team mates coordinated 2 time slots with 4 bikes at a time. We had such a blast. The bars on a Monday were not over crowded and reasonably priced. Just a little warning, you really do have to pedal lol.”

Finally, it takes strong communication and teamwork to make decisions. Which bars are you going to hit? Will you be stopping at a cupcake shop along the way to get your sugar fix? These are decisions that everyone should make together. Similarly to office life (and just life), sometimes you have to learn to compromise to get the job done. It’s actually impossible for every person to get their own way (we know this first-hand) so teaching your employees to have discussions and make group decisions will help your party bike tour go smoothly and your weekly meetings go even smoother.

We’re sure you’ve seen us pedaling down the street in SoCal, and you’ve probably thought it looked like an absolute blast! We love having San Diego corporate team building groups join us, as well as all those looking for team building in Palm Springs and Santa Barbara as well! If you’d like to learn more about booking a tour and watching your employees flourish, check out the link to your city’s corporate events page below.

San Diego Corporate Team Building

Palm Springs Corporate Team Building

Santa Barbara Corporate Team Building

Hillcrest Bars | Your San Diego Nightlife Guide

San Diego’s Hillcrest neighborhood is a vibrant community with tons of great food and entertainment. Located just a few miles away from Downtown, visit Hillcrest to get a taste of local culture. Check out our favorite Hillcrest bars below!

Urban MO’s

Urban MO’s is a hetero-friendly gay restaurant in San Diego that believes cocktails should be served out of plastic farm animals and that San Diego is best enjoyed from an outdoor patio, drink in hand. Make sure you try their famous Blackout Lemonades while you’re there!

Hillcrest Bars | San Diego Nightlife Guide | Social Cycle CA

Uptown Tavern

“Whether you are looking for a place to relax after a long day of work, somewhere to catch the big game, host a private event, or just to get a little wild on the weekends, Uptown Tavern is the second home and family you’ve been looking for.”

Pineapple Expression
A sweet mix of herradura Blanco Tequila, Giffard Banana Liqueur, Real lime juice, pineapple juice, and all-Natural Cinnamon.

Hillcrest Bars | San Diego Nightlife Guide | Social Cycle CA

Gossip Grill

“The perfect combination of ambiance and tastes will have you crawling back for more. Gossip is decked out with feminine inspired art, fabulous chandeliers, and a foliage facade outdoor patio bar with two fire pits that allows everyone to enjoy Hillcrest the way it was supposed to be enjoyed – outdoors. Pair that with modern American Comfort Food and you’ve got yourself a one of a kind five-star women’s bar.”

Shark Bait
Served up in a 40 oz. fishbowl, the Shark Bait cocktail is a tasty blend of Hypnotiq, Sugar Island Coconut Rum, Cruzan Pineapple Rum, Blue Curaço, pineapple, orange juice, Sprite, and a grenadine filled shark. Grab your girls and go get one!

Hillcrest Bars | San Diego Nightlife Guide | Social Cycle CA

Project Bar & Grill

Located in a 1902 Craftsman house, Project Bar & Grill is a neighborhood sports bar serving elevated bar food, small-batch craft beers, and stand-out cocktails. They also serve Project IPA, CBD Cocktails on draft & Peanut Butter Chocolate Jameson Shots on Nitro Tap.

Project Bar & Grill Specials
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Jameson Shot
  • Tuesday Trivia Night
  • $5 Keep the Pint Night
  • $15 Pitcher Thursdays
Hillcrest Bars | San Diego Nightlife Guide | Social Cycle CA

Inside Out

Hillcrest’s newest restaurant and lounge, insideOUT, is a chic and refined destination for those who want to enjoy fine dining, craft cocktails, and relax in an urban oasis.

Flamboyant Flamingo
Made for you and 3-5 of your favorite friends, the Flamboyant Flamingo is a delectable mix of Elyx Vodka, St. Germaine, rosé wine, lemon juice, and soda.
Hillcrest Bars | San Diego Nightlife Guide | Social Cycle CA

5 Party Fouls To Avoid On Your Next Social Cycle Tour

If there was a list of universal employee loved jobs, being a Captain for a party bike would be among the top. Seriously, you show up in summer swag, shades on, tunes bumpin’, to a group of strangers that are there for the sole purpose of a good time. Any introduction that begins with an ear-to-ear smile is generally considered a great start.

But oh how horrible things can go…

Just kidding.

In all seriousness, it is one knee slappin’ good time, but occasionally there are speed bumps.  We call these “party fouls” a.k.a. “what not to do (as a rider).”  Every party bike captain has dealt with ’em, so we wanted to share some of our favorites stories that everyone can learn from.

  1. Not Tipping The Bartenders

Think about it.  We roll up with energy levels full throttle.  The tour has just been singing, dancing, and pedaling their way over and then bop right into the joint with a crew of their closest 16 pals.  The bar is busy and that’s a win-win.  Service staff sees dollar signs, riders see stiff drinks, and I see a 30-minute break 😉

BUT this all comes crashing down when the bar patrons leave a next-to-nothing tip.  These poor bartenders may have just dealt with various individual drink orders, an equal amount of separate tabs, a brow full of sweat, and barely any coin to show for it.  The patrons then finish their one or two beverages before moving on to the next location while the bartenders look on, deflated.

Now I’m not saying that ya gotta leave your paycheck, but consider the effort to appease your squad of beautiful lunatics put in by the local watering hole staff. It will be appreciated and a round on-the-house might be in your future.

2. Wear Your Freaking Seatbelt (That Means Your Blowup Doll Too)

Our number two party foul/moral of the story comes with a funny little tale to go with it. Once upon a time, a group of party-ready pedalers brought a blow-up doll along for their tour. Now, we have no issue with this! We are always happy to accommodate our riders and their friends. But everyone should buckle up (dolls included), or you risk having a big gust of wind blow your blow-up doll into oncoming traffic and cause reduced visibility and car accidents. Yes, this actually happened, so we’ll just politely remind you to please wear your seat belt, for your safety and those around you.

3. Wear Shoes, Please.

Southern California is laid back, we definitely know that. If you’re lucky, you’re spending a good portion of your time on the beach, sand between your toes and no shoes to be found. However, since our party bike tours don’t take place on the beach, we’ve gotta request that you wear shoes on our tours. Not only is it safer for your feet (and way more sanitary), you won’t get to go inside any of our partner bars on the tour if you’re barefoot (it’s the whole “no shirt, no shoes, no service” rule).

4. Starting Your Tour Wasted

You paid to hop on a party bike – you know you’re gonna have to pedal! We know you’ll have some fun throughout the tour and that your pedaling performance might decrease along the way, but don’t ruin the fun by drinking too much before you even get here!

5. Bring Your Real ID – A Picture Doesn’t Count

It’s pretty common knowledge that most bars are going to ID (take it as a compliment, you’re looking young today). So please, pack your ID! Stick it in your friend’s purse, your boyfriend’s wallet, inside your shoe…just make sure it’s with you. Bartenders are busy people and they don’t have time to explain why a photo of your ID doesn’t pass for the real thing. Save yourself some time and headache and triple check that you have your ID before you hop on the bike!

Pacific Beach Bars | Your San Diego Nightlife Guide

Know for it’s laid-back, coastal vibes, San Diego’s Pacific Beach neighborhood is filled with rooftop bars and fruity cocktails. You’ll be able to admire the Pacific’s famous sunsets as you enjoy some of San Diego’s best food and drink.

Join us on a tour to visit all of the great bars below, and more!

Backyard Kitchen & Tap

Looking for the perfect location for families, groups, and even pets to enjoy some great food and drinks? Visit the Backyard Kitchen & Tap! We are just one block off of the beach but you will truly feel at home visiting the Backyard Kitchen & Tap.

So Fresh & So Green
So Fresh & So Green is a gin cocktail with Hendrick’s as it’s base liquor. To build this cocktail the bartender muddles together cucumber, granny smith apple slices, lime juice, and simple syrup. After muddling they add the gin, shake, and strain into a coupe glass garnishing with a slice of cucumber. It is a light, refreshing cocktail that goes perfectly with a hot summer day on our beautiful patio.
Backyard Kitchen & Tap | Pacific Beach Bars | San Diego Nightlife

Duck Dive

As the name suggests, Duck Dive and its ambiance is an ode to the rich surf and beach culture that resides just steps away in the Pacific Ocean and their surrounding neighborhoods and community. They pride themselves on selling quality food and beverages without pretense. Their menu is compiled of takes on classic American dishes as well as coastal favorites.

Take Me To Mexico
This is a great cocktail made with Altos tequila, fresh watermelon, basil, and jalapeño for a little kick at the end.  They’re just steps away from the Pacific so when you walk in you still feel like you’re on the beach (but even better because you’ll have a cocktail in hand).

The Best Pacific Beach Bars | Duck Dive

The Local

The Local’s menu blends some Local favorites, pub-style grub, and coastal inspirations resulting in a delicious variety of flavors. The cocktails utilize fresh, hand-pressed juices and the beer selection highlights our adoration for the craft beer movement greatly influenced by America’s Finest City.

Sand Pail Punch
We recommend the Sand Pail Punch for a tropical vacation in your mouth! Made with Bacardi Rum, Malibu, Amaretto, Fresh Squeezed OJ, Pineapple Juice, and Grenadine this one is a sure-fire recipe for a good time in PB.

Pro Tip: It’s only $6 for the 32oz. Keep-the-Bucket Margarita on Taco Tuesdays!
The Best Pacific Beach Bars | The Local at Pacific Beach

El Prez

Their rooftop overlooks Pacific Beach. Their gourmet tacos are made with fresh, local ingredients and served in house-made tortillas. Their bar features a large selection of tequilas, with 18 beers on tap. El Prez is where to drink, where to eat, and where to party in San Diego!

64oz Blueberry Mint-A-Rita
This giant cocktail is a large version of one of our best-selling specialty cocktails. We fill it with 5 full shots of Espolone Blanco Tequilla, our house-created Margarita mix, and fresh blueberry puree before adding fresh mint and limes to the 64oz mason jar and muddling and shaking everything together. To finish the cocktail, we garnish it with more fresh mint, blueberries, and an orange slice. It’s served with jumbo bendy straws so you and your friends can enjoy the giant cocktail together!
Pacific Beach Bars | San Diego Nightlife Guide | Social Cycle CA

Miss B’s

Miss B’s Coconut Club is a revival of Mission Beach’s colorful past. The pin-up girl’s Caribbean curves and demure smile have returned to welcome everyone who steps inside, whether you’re a first timer, a part-timer, or someone who settled in the area and never left. They proudly pour 20 local and microbrew tap handles, along with kombucha on tap and house-made cold brew on nitro.

Havana Good Time
A refreshing summer punch bowl designed to be shared by a small group, the Havana A Good Time is perfect for cyclers popping in after their ride. The drink consists of vodka, Pamplemousse, and house grapefruit and cucumber cordial topped with kombucha. Light and fruity with a hint of citrusy sweet, it’s a surefire crowd pleaser!
Pacific Beach Bars | San Diego Nightlife Guide | Social Cycle CA

The Perfect San Diego Bachelorette Weekend

Are you planning that “fun in the sun” bachelorette party? Are you stressed about it? Planning the perfect bachelorette weekend is exhausting, overwhelming, and did we mention STRESSFUL. Let us help! Grab your girls and meet us down in sunny San Diego, California!

Here’s our guide to the best places to stay, eat, and the most memorable things to do that are sure to make yours the perfect bachelorette weekend!

San Diego Places to Stay for Bachelorette Weekend

Where to Stay

Kimpton Hotel Solamar

Looking for an up-and-coming part of the city with its own heartbeat? Look no farther. This hotel is the perfect location for everything you need for your perfect weekend! Walk to brunch, relax with in-room spa treatments, and get your tan on by the pool. After that, it’s an easy walk to some of the best restaurants in town. After dinner head out for San Diego’s sizzling nightlife. Not to mention, this hotel is on our downtown route which means easy access to your friends at Social Cycle!

We don’t know about you, but we’ve never been the ones to turn down a stay at beautiful hotel, especially if “boutique” is in its official title. Kimpton Hotels were actually the first boutique restaurant and hotel company to grace the U.S. with its heavenly hospitality. It’s no surprise really, when every room feels like home; a home with a regularly scheduled, nightly wine hour that is. Now we’re not encouraging you to become a hotel hermit while you’re staying here, but we also aren’t saying it’s very hard. Enjoy in-room spa treatments, work on that pre-wedding glow by the pool, and enjoy the wonderful views of San Diego’s sizzling nightlife all from your very own home away from home. And hey, if you’re up to it you can even walk down the street and sample some of the city’s best cuisine, or just order in. It’s okay we don’t judge, absolute bliss is exhausting!

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Hard Rock Hotel

Embark on the life of luxury with your girls! What’s a visit to the trendy Gaslamp Quarter without doing it in one of the Hard Rock’s Rock Star Suites complete with everything necessary to turn you into an actual rockstar. P.S. the sleek and modern decor is perfect for those “bachelorette weekend” pics – do it for the Gram. Keep channeling your inner rock star with a complementary Fender guitar for all of your in-room jam needs – you are the life of the party. The party doesn’t stop here, take your girls out for some of San Diego’s signature music!

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Andaz Hotel

If you like drinks, pools, and views as much as we do, you’ll love this hotel! With a rooftop bar and pool in the historic Gaslamp Quarter, you may never want to leave this hotel! When you finally drag yourself out, it’s a quick walk to all that downtown San Diego has to offer (architecture, history, trendy eateries, upscale shopping, and most importantly: city vibes). If rooftops are your thing, there is a new one around every corner (each with views better than the last). And, if you want to combine all the best parts of the trip into one, this hotel is on our downtown route! All you have to do is hop on with us to see the best of downtown San Diego.

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Tower 23 Hotel

Ready for some beach time with your beaches? Tower 23 combines the vibrant beach life of San Diego with its unique and charming rooms. It is the perfect combination of luxury and relaxation… on the beach! After an exhausting day of relaxing, you don’t have to go far for the Tower 23 summer wine series. When it’s finally time to leave the hotel, walk along the beach to find endless food, drinks, and fun! Oh, an don’t forget to check out the killer views. Oh yeah sure, we meant the ocean too.

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Lafayette Hotel

Bungalow. This hotel has bungalows! Experience history redefined in this hotel (or bungalows, we recommend bungalows). Escape with your girls with everything the North Park scene has to offer. Brush up on your history at the San Diego Air & Space Museum, hang out with your furry friends at the San Diego Zoo, and enjoy the nightlife downtown. Leaving your bungalow (ugh it’s just so fun to say) and swim-up bar may be tough, but once you’re out in the city make sure you come visit us at Social Cycle to see the city from our North Park route.

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San Diego places to eat for bachelorette weekend

Where to Eat

Rustic Root

Dinner under the stars, California style. The food here is traditional with a modern flair, the drinks are timeless and iconic, the views are exquisite (simply put, the food is good, the drinks are great, the views are even better)! This is the perfect place to see where the night takes you!

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Kettner Exchange

We’re not sure what “Progressive American Cuisine” means, but they have everything to make a perfect evening. Experience the forward-thinking and creative cocktail approach of their highly qualified bar manager Steven Tuttle and enjoy food from Iron Chef contestant Brian Redzikowski. Kettner Exchange is mostly definitely the hottest rooftop destination with it’s private cabanas and sun sprinkled dining room. So sit back, relax in your cabana, and sip one of their iconic “Tequila for Christmas” cocktails.

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You can’t really go out to eat if you don’t post a picture of your food on Instagram, right? Voted to have the best food design in all of San Diego, Madison will make sure your plate looks as enviable as it tastes… mmm delicious.

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Enjoy dinner with those that you trust at this urban eatery. No trip to Trust is the same due to the continually changing locally sourced food options. Try one of their wood-fired specialties while sipping on a glass of wine!

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Ready to get comfortable? Get back to basics with this ever changing menu creating great food from fresh ingredients. After dinner, save time to wander around the La Jolla area of San Diego. Enjoy the breathtaking ocean views and posh shoreline shops.

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Queenstown Public House

Afraid of that wine hangover? Take a quick trip to New Zealand with this whimsical pub. Check out their enormous selection of draft beers that won’t disappoint. Grab a table on the patio to enjoy the views of Little Italy while you dine!

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Grass Skirt

It’s tiki time! Gather the girls and relish in the lighthearted, escapist nature of the tiki culture. Enjoy Polynesian style cocktails and food while practicing your hula! Oh, and did we mention  that they have a rum club?! What goes better with bao buns than rum? The answer is nothing.

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What to Do

Hop across the border and take Turista Libre tours (don’t forget your passport!)

Ready for a field trip, but for grown-ups? Experience Mexico like a local with Turista Libre tours. Make the bachelorette weekend extra special with a private tour. You will get to see authentic Mexico, and visit the best cultural hotspots (did we mention concerts, wineries, and breweries)! And the best part, you will get to eat like a local at some of the most authentic restaurants Mexico has to offer.

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Rent a poolside cabana at the Lafayette Hotel’s Pool Club

Take a break from the sun like Beyoncé said with a cabana pool day. This is NOT your parents’ pool club! We already mentioned the Lafayette Hotel (see above), but did we mention cabanas?! Relax with your girls while basking in the sun and enjoy the poolside entertainment in a cabana. Keep the mojitos flowing and indulge! There are no bad days here.

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Catch a drag show for brunch at Lips

Bring your sequins and be a diva for the day! Enjoy the over-the-top nature of the decor and entertainment at Lips. Plus, who doesn’t love brunch?! Don’t be afraid to jump up on stage and turn from the spectator into the entertainment! Lips is guaranteed to be an unforgettable part of your bachelorette weekend!

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Hit the Spa for some R&R

San Diego has no shortage of spas to help you and your girls achieve total relaxation. Balance your skin and mind with a facial at The Spa at Torrey Pines (P.S. this spa is designed with optimal feng shui so you have to be relaxed, right?). Go back in time and enjoy bay views at the Marilyn Monroe Spa. Who doesn’t love classic Marilyn decor and complete bliss! Take a mini trip to France with the Cal-A-Vie health spa in Vista resembling a beautiful French village. It’s impossible to be stressed in France.

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Wine Tour in Temecula

Do you and your girls like to wine? We sure do! Book a private tour and taste the best wines in all of Southern California! Temecula Rockin’ Wine Tours specializes in making your bachelorette weekend perfect, complete with a themed party bus to pick you up! The best part? You don’t have to pretend to know how to properly taste wine (I’m getting hints of… grapes?). This wine tour is sure to be a highlight of the weekend!

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Party on wheels with Social Cycle

Finish your bachelorette weekend with a pedal around beautiful San Diego. Grab your girls, some brews, and hop on! Check out all the best bars in San Diego while pedaling away – so it’s healthy right?  You might even make some t-shirts so everyone around town knows that you’re the best bridal group… ever! Keep it intimate with a private bike, or just enjoy the party on a public ride. You can’t go wrong either way! Experience San Diego in the best way with Social Cycle!

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North Park Bars | Your San Diego Nightlife Guide

Friends! We’re back with more. More of San Diego’s best bars and the second part of your San Diego nightlife guide. If you missed our guide to downtown, check it out here. If you’re ready for North Park’s best bars and breweries, keep reading.

Dunedin New Zealand Eats

New Zealand-inspired restaurant featuring organic grass-fed burgers. Take your time to enjoy their mainly outdoor seating and a casual family-friendly atmosphere. They’ve got local beers with 20 taps, a $5 happy hour menu from 3-6 every day, and $2 mimosas for brunch on the weekends.

Peach Basil Sangria 
Peach Basil Syrup, Champagne, Pinot Gris, Garnished with Peaches and Basil
Red House Sangria
Cabernet, Cinnamon, Orange Juice, Cider, Garnished Cinnamon Sugar Rim and Oranges
two mixed drinks on a table with tree and fence in the background

Mike Hess Brewing

Mike Hess Brewing was San Diego’s first nano-brewery when they opened way back in 2010, but has since grown to include three locations in town and is the region’s 11th largest brewery. Their world-class brewery and tasting room in hip North Park has produced two World Beer Cup gold award-winning beers and they have garnered some 25 other medals as well. Their reputation is one of making great beer across a broad spectrum of styles and flavors, fulfilling their mission of Bringing People Together Over Great Beer. If you cannot make it to North Park, be sure to visit their original location in Miramar or their coastal tasting room in beautiful Ocean Beach.
Grapefruit Solis IPA is one of MHB’s flagship brands, featuring a sublime balance of malt, hops and of course, real grapefruit. Available on draft and in cans throughout San Diego, this beer refreshes and nourishes at the same time!
Mike Hess beer glass on table with bottle and can behind

Eppig Brewing

Eppig Brewing has deep brewing roots dating back to 1866 in Brooklyn, NY. The brewery was reincarnated in North Park in 2016 by great-great-granddaughter Stephanie Eppig & her business partners and has already received multiple awards including best new brewery 2017 (by San Diego Magazine & West Coaster Magazine).
Eppig offers a diverse range of beer styles, including a dedicated lager program that pays tributes to the family’s brewing roots.
Featured Beer: Special Lager
This beer fills the void for the devout craft-beer lover who quietly shames themselves for occasionally wanting a cold, crisp (probably) macro lager on a hot day. Special Lager is a Japanese-style dry lager brewed with rice as a featured ingredient. The combination of pilsner malt and rice with a dose of citrusy, late-addition hops creates an aroma faintly reminiscent of sweet, starchy sushi rice and lemon blossoms. Special Lager finishes exceptional dry and clean.
Eppig Brewing beer glass on countertop

North Park Beer Co.

North Park Beer Co is a neighborhood brew-pub at the center of one of the fastest growing craft beer scenes in San Diego.  With Craftsman-inspired decor and a massive yet welcoming space, the taproom offers a wide selection of house brews as well as guest beers, wine and cider.  The tasty suds are perfectly paired with the food offerings from the on-site purveyors, Mastiff Kitchen, famous for their house-made sausages.
Hop-Fu! is NPBC’s award-winning, flagship IPA.  This perfect example of the West Coast style showcases a whopping 7 different hop varieties that create a bold yet balanced depth in flavor.  Dank, citrus, fruit, and spice notes are all expressed in harmony with a moderate, drying bitterness that leaves you ready for the second (and third) sip.  Not to be missed!
beer glass on table with bar in the background

Belching Beaver North Park Tasting Room

Located in the heart of North Park on 30th street this was Belching Beavers’s first satellite tasting room opened in 2013. With 24 taps pouring a variety of styles, this tasting room is eclectic and cozy. Sit at a table made out of  Torrey Pines, enjoy a flight or pint and enjoy food prepared by local food trucks that rotate serving at the tasting room. There is also a great mural from the “Greetings from San Diego” tour painted on the side of the building. It’s become a go-to photo op in San Diego. Make sure to snap a photo and tag us on social media!
Phantom Bride IPA 
Named after the ethereal song by the one and only Deftones, Phantom Bride IPA is a blend of Amarillo, Citra, Simcoe, and Mosaic hops delicately balanced for the perfectly drinkable mix of citrus and hoppy goodness. A truly original Deftones/ Belching Beaver collaboration envisioned by Chino Moreno and skillfully crafted by Thomas Peters.
Brewery in North Park behind the bar

Creative Dates in San Diego

San Diego is known for its great weather and laidback atmosphere, both of which are great for meeting people and exploring the city! We’ve rounded up a great list of date ideas in San Diego for you to enjoy with that special someone, or just friends and family.

The Pearl Hotel
Dive-In Movies

Nope, that’s not a typo. Instead of drive-in movies, get ready to experience dive-in movies! The Pearl Hotel offers weekly shows for free, featuring eclectic films in their poolside lounge. Dine with your date at the hotel’s fabulous restaurant and then cozy up poolside to enjoy the show. This is a popular outing though, so make sure you make a reservation!

San Diego dive in with pool and movie

San Diego Sky Tours
Biplane Aerial Tours

Dodge the tourists and explore the city from the sky! San Diego Sky Tours offer biplane aerial tours along the coastline, over downtown, and around the beautiful bay. For couples, check out their Couples Biplane Formation Flight tour.

plane flying over the ocean coast San Diego

Grotto Climbing and Yoga
Indoor Bouldering and Rock Climbing

If you’re looking to challenge yourselves, spend an afternoon at Grotto’s indoor climbing gym. With 7,000 square feet of climbing space, they’ve got routes for newbies to experienced climbers. If you’re both new to the sport, Grotto offers quick intro sessions to help you learn the basics of bouldering. Expect to have sore hands and happy smiles at the end of this date!

San Diego rock climbing geometric wall

Dallmann Fine Chocolates
Chocolate Making Classes

This is the perfect date for foodie enthusiasts or people with a massive sweet tooth. Discover your inner chocolatier as you learn the proper techniques to temper chocolate, prepare and pipe fillings, and infuse flavors into rich ganache. You’ll get to take home your creations at the end of the day to enjoy later, or devour in the car on the way home if you’re like us. 

San Diego box of chocolates

Social Cycle
Party Bike Tours

With routes in five of San Diego’s best neighborhoods, you and your date will have your choice of exploring your favorite area of the city! Enjoy San Diego’s great weather while pedaling from bars to breweries and enjoying some of the city’s best cocktails. 

Social Cycle group on bike driving down the street and waving

Bivouac Ciderworks and Coin Op
Great Cider and Games

Hanging out in North Park? Bivouac Cider (also one of our partner bars!) is creating some of the best craft cider in the region. Try their original or savor the English style. After enjoying a couple drinks, head on over to the Coin Op. The first arcade bar in San Diego, you’ll get to test out your gaming skills on everything from Ms. Pacman to Golden Tee. 

San Diego Brewery bar and seating with decals on walls

Cloud 9 Living
La Jolla Sea Caves Kayak Adventure

Choose a single or tandem kayak and get ready to explore the wonders of San Diego’s hidden sea caves! Your guides will offer up interesting facts about the history and geology of these formations as you take in the views with awe. Keep an eye out for sea life while you’re there, as many paddlers see sea lions, dolphins, cormorants, harbor seals, leopard sharks, and more! Grab a bite to eat at the Cliff Hanger Cafe when you’re done, as you will have definitely worked up an appetite!

San Diego ocean overlook

Cow By Bear
Exclusive Secret Dinner Parties

Cow by Bear is a dinner party experience that takes place at secret San Diego locations every Thursday through Saturday at 8 PM. With a limit of 14 guests, you’ll be part of an intimate setting where you’ll enjoy incredible food and make new connections. If dinner’s not your jam, they also have brunch and wine tasting options.

Bear chef holding carrots in a kitchen San Diego

Craft and Commerce + Music Box
Classic Dinner and a Show in Little Italy

Craft and Commerce is known as a hipster gastropub – but all you need to know about that definition is that they serve up fresh, tasty food and some super creative cocktails. After enjoying everything on their menu, head over to the Music Box for your choice of an array of entertainers. They bring in some of the best performers and up-and-coming acts.

Stage and venue in San Diego

Morley Field
Disc Golf Course

Morley Field is one of the original frisbee golf courses in the world. Open 7 days a week, grab your date and go enjoy the sunny San Diego weather! One of the busier courses in the area, you’ll never be at a loss if you’re in need of some friendly advice or insider info.

Sunset in front of the trees San Diego

Downtown Bars | Your San Diego Nightlife Guide

San Diego is a city known for its vibrant social scene and exotic nightlife. As San Diego’s first party bike, we’ve had the chance to get to know all of San Diego’s best bars and happy hours. Check out our curated list of Downtown San Diego bars below, and know that we’re only bragging about the best of the best. We’ve already done the research.

We visit these bars on all of our public and private party bike tours in Downtown San Diego. So, book now if you’d rather go with the pros.

Tin Roof | Basil Berry Moonbounce and Nashville Star

The Tin Roof features live music seven nights a week. With awesome food, bar games, and 24 beers on draft (some from great local craft breweries), it’s a no-brainer option for your Thursday night out with friends.

Basil Berry Moonbounce | Moonshine, muddled seasonal berries, fresh lime, and Red Bull. Refreshing and easy to drink.

Nashville Star | Jack Daniels, peach puree, and Sprite. A tribute to our southern roots.


La Puerta | The Angel of Harlem

At La Puerta, they focus on authentic flavors being the forefront of their food and drink to ensure their guests have the best experience and come see them again!

The Angel of Harlem is one of their specialty cocktails comprised of house-infused Serrano agave syrup, fresh lime juice, fresh strawberry puree, reposado tequila, and Aperol aperitivo. The blend of flavors is sure to please guests looking for something a little different, but a little familiar as well.


Knotty Barrel | Blind Date

Knotty Barrel likes to put their own unique spin on everything they do. They carry the best craft beer (including their very own from Knotty Brewing), amazing spirits, and wine. Their food always stands out, whether you’re looking for comfort food, light bites, or just a great variety. Check out their front bar and game room, play some shuffleboard or darts, or enjoy the outdoor seating area. We’re sure you’ll become a regular once you experience their unforgettable setting and wonderful staff.


Social Tap | Social Tap Margaritas and Mimosas

Social Tap is focused on high-quality customer service and an incredible menu made entirely from scratch. Go check out their signature sandwiches, braised tacos, and signatures hot wings. And make sure you check out their signature cocktails below!

Social Tap Mimosa: Champagne with peach Bellini, muddled blueberries, and orange.

Social Tap Margaritas: Blackberry and jalapeno, or strawberry and mint


Garage Kitchen and Bar | Lavender Sparkling Cocktail

Garage Kitchen + Bar is a local favorite in the Gaslamp for friendly service, excellent food, and a rustic atmosphere. Your mom would go here.

Their Lavender Sparkling Cocktail is the perfect drink for any occasion. A mix of Tito’s Vodka, Lavender Syrup, Lemon juice and champagne, this libation will bring a sparkle to your night.


Fairweather | Oaxacan Dead

Fairweather is billed as one of the best rooftop bars in San Diego that specialized in handcrafted signature cocktails. The rooftop bar has a relaxed vibe and overlooks iconic Petco Park.

The cocktail is the Oaxacan Dead. It is a spin of the Zombie drink and an ode to the Walking Dead. It features the signature spirit from the Mexican town of Oaxaca, which is also renown for Dia de Muertos. Ingredients include mescal, aged rum, Cuban style 151 rum, absinthe, lime juice, pineapple, and secret spices.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our roundup of Downtown San Diego’s best nightlife!