Best Instagram Spots in San Diego | Do It For The ‘Gram

San Diego is a major vacation destination, meaning it’s full of awesome photo ops and Insta-perfect backdrops! There are a ton of beautiful murals throughout the city that will be the perfect background for your post, but we have a few favorite Instagrammable spots in San Diego that we wanted to share today.

“Greeting from San Diego” by Victor Ving

One of the most classic and well-known mural spots in San Diego and we visit it on our North Park brewery tours and party bike tours! Created by NYC muralist Victor Ving, this mural is part of a series called the “Greetings Tour” to create landmarks through public art.

“Catnap” by Michael Summers

“Catnap” was commissioned by the City of Carlsbad in 2013 and completed by talented local artist Michael Summers.

“One Pointed Attention” by Kelsey Brookes

This mural “engages the viewer in a mesmerizing vision scape” and also serves as an epic Instagram background. The artist, Kelsey Brookes, is also known for his album art for the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Flaming Lips.

“You Are Radiant” by Channin Fulton

Designed by Channin Fulton, the actual completion of this mural was an amazing team effort by the local community!  Since it’s one of our favorites, this mural is a must on our North Park party bike tours.

Top 10 Places to Visit in San Diego

San Diego is the heart of Southern California. It’s known for great food, amazing weather, and a million different activities to choose from. Our team loves this city and everything it has to offer, so we’ve put together our favorite things to do in San Diego. We’ve lived here quite a while now, so we’re only sharing our absolute favorites!

Catch A Show At the Observatory

The Observatory is a historic theatre located in North Park. They attract a number of different performers, from Red Hot Chili Peppers to David Gray and Joan Rivers. Since being remodeled and re-vamped, the sightlines in this venue are amazing from any spot on the tiered floor so you’ll always be able to see your favorite artists performing perfectly!

Snorkel at La Jolla Shores

La Jolla Shores is a 1-mile long, sandy beach with gentle waves, located next to the Underwater Park Ecological Reserve. Bring your own snorkel gear and enjoy a swim or register for one of the many beginner scuba diving classes offered on the beach!

Have a Bonfire at Mission Bay Jetty

Mission Bay Jetty is a popular hangout and the perfect place to have a bonfire. Bring your own firewood and gear, and sit next to the fire as you watch seals and dolphins frolic in the bay!

Grab Some Fish Tacos at Kiko’s Taco Truck

Kiko’s Place serves some of San Diego’s tastiest fish tacos. They’re one of the top places to eat on Yelp and people can’t stop raving about their OG fish tacos (which you’ll eat for less than $10).

Visit the Sunset Cliffs

A visit to the Sunset Cliffs as the sun sets is a sight to behold! These steep, rocky cliffs do a great job of showcasing one of the things the West Coast is most famous for – colorful, unforgettable sunsets and evening views! Wear good shoes and be cautious of the steep dropoffs.

Spend a Night Out at The Casbah

Located in downtown San Diego, The Casbah first opened in 1989 in a former Irish pub. Today, the club hosts live music and events seven nights a week. They bring in a variety of performers and you’re guaranteed to see a great show when you visit.

Jump Into A Summer Pool Party

One of the best things about living in San Diego is the amazing number of pool parties you can find! You’ll sip specialty cocktails poolside and bust out your best dance moves to some catchy tunes. Whether you’ve got the hookups to attend a private party or you visit one of San Diego’s hottest hotels, you’ll have a blast.

Hop Over the Border and Visit Valle de Guadalupe

Valle de Guadalupe is located just over the border, a beautiful village with incredible wine and food. This is one of Mexico’s blossoming wine regions and it’s the perfect way to experience authentic Mexico while sipping on some fantastic wines.

Toss a Few Beers Back at Local Breweries

North Park in San Diego is famous for their brews – in fact, they’re known as America’s Craft Beer Neighborhood! You’ll find great pale ales, flavorful sours, and strong porters. Walk from brewery to brewery or hop on one of our North Park brewery tours and explore the neighborhood and its breweries by bike!

Explore the Hiking Trails Around the City

San Diego may have great nightlife, but they also have an amazing array of hiking trails to get you outside in the beautiful SoCal weather. Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, Potato Chip Rock, Cedar Creek Falls, and Cowles Mountain are all beautiful hikes that will show you some of San Diego’s most beautiful scenery.

Best Bachelor Party Ideas | Southern California Bachelor Parties

Well, fellas, you bought the ring, asked the question, and she said yes! What’s next? The wedding, obviously, but there’s definitely some fun to be had before then.

Planning your bachelor party can take you in a variety of different directions, but we highly recommend you choose SoCal as your destination. San Diego is famous for pre-nuptial celebrations and for a really good reason! No matter what time of year you choose to party, the weather is *almost* guaranteed to be perfect.

No soon-to-be groom is the same, so we’ve gone ahead and split up our favorite activities by the type of weekend you’re looking to have!

The Adventurous Bachelor

If you’re looking for an adventurous bachelor party, you’re going to want to make sure to check out all of the awesome outdoor recreation San Diego has to offer.

group of hikers in the desert going back to a truck

Desert Offroading in Anza-Borrego State Park 

Tours with California Overland Desert Excursions aren’t your typical driving-tours…they’ll take you offroad and into the wild with the option to add some pretty awesome hikes to your itinerary. Explore slot canyons, dry lake beds, and check out the seasonal stargazing. You can join other adventurers on a tour, or book a private Jeep and create a custom tour. Choose between day tours or overnight excursions and start creating some memories!

Skydive Over the Pacific Ocean

Skydiving is on most people’s bucket lists, and what better time to check it off than on your bachelor party weekend?! GoJump Oceanside is the only skydiving company in the area that offers full views of the Pacific during the entire freefall. Starting at 13,000 feet, you’ll freefall next to the Pacific in the safest gear and the most experienced guides.

The Party-Hardy Bachelor

Social Cycle San Diego

Planning an epic bachelor party is easy when you hop on with Social Cycle. We’ve got a list of awesome partner bars and you’ll be able to choose three of your favorites during our tour. They even give you discounted drink specials so you can save some pennies for other fun San Diego activities! Bachelor parties usually love our Downtown and North Park routes because they’re full of great bars, breweries, and restaurants.

The Sports-Loving Bachelor

Coronado Golf Club

Ranked #5 in the nation by Golf Digest, the Coronado Golf Club offers incredible harbor views with immaculate greens and wide fairways. Minutes from Downtown San Diego, you can spend your day on the course before heading out for some great drinks and bites in all of the restaurants San Diego has to offer.

San Diego Padres Baseball Game

It’s not a surprise that a Padres game ended up on our list. After all, a day at the ballpark is a classic way to spend a weekend! Bring your buddies and grab the best seats you can find at Petco Park. Enjoy local bites and craft beers from the area as you cheer on your favorite home (or visiting) team!

4 Fun & Unique Ways to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday

Twenty-one is a big milestone…you’ve made it through the first two decades of your life and you’re finally allowed to (legally) drink. Southern California has SO many great bars and restaurants that serve great local beer, specialty cocktails, and feature awesome live music to get your night going right. It’s almost inevitable that you’ll end up drinking a little more than you bargained for that night, but instead of starting off the night by walking bar to bar, we’ve rounded up our four favorite 21st birthday party ideas.

1. Party Bikes!

You’ll get to pedal around your city with up to sixteen of your favorite friends and explore some of the neighborhood’s best bars. Not only do we have great partnerships set up with our friends at these bars (a.k.a., you’ll save some cash this way), you’ll make memories you *hopefully* won’t forget. Social Cycle party bike tours are a great way to kick the night off right in a unique way that will be the envy of your already-twenty-one friends who didn’t have a cool party like this.

2. Food Tours

You’re going to be consuming some alcohol that night, that’s why you’re going out! Get the celebration started with a food tour around the city and give yourself a little bit of food in your stomach for when those nice strangers at the bar start buying you shots.

3. Bartending Class

Chances are, you couldn’t make a classy cocktail before this day. Not because you’re not classy, but because you were limited to the cheap alcohol your friends would bring over to your house. Vodka and Country Time Lemonade? Done. But that’s all changed! You have entered into the real legal world where you can freely spend $100 on quality liquor, grab some bitters, and even learn what muddling means.

4. Wine Tasting

Turns out there’s more to wine than red or white, who knew! Now that you can drink *all* the varietals, visit a local vineyard and learn how to tell the difference of how it smells on the nose and tastes on the palate.

Building Better Teams with Fun Corporate Team Building

Unique team building tours have shaken corporate America in the last few years. From escape rooms to improv classes to party bike tours, there is a multitude of ways to bring your employees together that are fun, engaging, and out-of-the-(boring)box.

Since we are Southern California’s experts on all things fun, we wanted to focus on our favorite corporate team building outing- party bikes. We’ll cover how corporate party bike tours teach employees the importance of teamwork and how you can build a team while building some muscle.

Now, screaming “PEDAL!” at the top of your lungs while you cruise down the street on Social Cycle may not be your first idea of great communication and teamwork, but you’ll quickly realize that in order to make it to your next destination everyone needs to be moving those legs and engaging to successfully make it down the street. Similarly to tasks in the workplace, everything gets accomplished faster and better when you have a team of people working in unison towards the same goal.

“Great way of fun team building with co-workers celebrating the success of our financial audit. It was so much fun going around Pacific Beach on Social Cycle and stopping for drinks while enjoying each other’s company.”

Occasionally, offices can become similar to high school cafeterias. You’ve got legal in this area, HR over here, and sales and marketing over there. And similar to vinegar and oil, they do NOT like to mix. However, bringing different departments together can create a feeling of unison within the entire company. Sitting them next to each other on a moving 16-person party bike will ensure that the individuals who wouldn’t normally interact have an opportunity to get to know each other and bond over the shared perspiration and exhilaration they experience while exploring the city. Back in the office, this connection and blossoming friendship will encourage departments to work closely together to accomplish goals and increase communication between employees.

“We were in town for a company incentive trip. One of our awesome team mates coordinated 2 time slots with 4 bikes at a time. We had such a blast. The bars on a Monday were not over crowded and reasonably priced. Just a little warning, you really do have to pedal lol.”

Finally, it takes strong communication and teamwork to make decisions. Which bars are you going to hit? Will you be stopping at a cupcake shop along the way to get your sugar fix? These are decisions that everyone should make together. Similarly to office life (and just life), sometimes you have to learn to compromise to get the job done. It’s actually impossible for every person to get their own way (we know this first-hand) so teaching your employees to have discussions and make group decisions will help your party bike tour go smoothly and your weekly meetings go even smoother.

We’re sure you’ve seen us pedaling down the street in SoCal, and you’ve probably thought it looked like an absolute blast! We love having San Diego corporate team building groups join us, as well as all those looking for team building in Palm Springs and Santa Barbara as well! If you’d like to learn more about booking a tour and watching your employees flourish, check out the link to your city’s corporate events page below.

San Diego Corporate Team Building

Palm Springs Corporate Team Building

Santa Barbara Corporate Team Building

The Perfect Santa Barbara Bachelorette Party

It’s (Bachelorette) Party Time! We know that planning the perfect bachelorette weekend in beautiful Santa Barbara can be amazing but also stressful! Let us help! Grab your girls, your matching t-shirts, and meet us down in the American Riviera.

Here’s our guide to the most memorable things to do, specialty drinks, food to eat, and places to stay that are sure to make yours the perfect bachelorette weekend!

Things to do in Santa Barbara for Bachelorette party with social cycle

What To Do

Social Cycle (duh)

Kick off your bachelorette weekend with a pedal around beautiful Santa Barbara. Grab your girls, some brews, and hop on! Check out all the best bars in Santa Barbara while pedaling away – so it’s healthy right?  You might even make some t-shirts so everyone around town knows that you’re the best bridal group… ever! Keep it intimate with a private bike, or just enjoy the party on a public ride. You can’t go wrong either way! Experience Santa Barbara in the best way with Social Cycle!

Wine Tours

No permission slip needed for this bus ride! Grab your hall pass and your girls and jump on the wine bus. Book a private tour and experience a rolling wine tasting of some of the best wines from Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez Valley! Jump on the School Bus wine tours specializes in making your bachelorette weekend perfect, complete with a themed school party bus to pick you up! The best part? You don’t have to pretend to know how to properly taste wine (I’m getting hints of… grapes?). This wine tour is sure to be a highlight of the weekend!

Yoga & Meditation

Let’s take a minute and go to our happy place! The classes at Salt Cave will help you achieve complete peace. Also how many times do you get to say you meditated in a salt cave?! The perfect place to meditate, then take an adorable pic of you and your bridal party. Make a day of it and reserve the bridal party experience. You’ll experience a whole new meaning to being zen!

Spa Day

Eucalyptus steam room. If that sounds good to you, this spa day will be absolutely perfect. Santa Barbara has no shortage of spas, but we especially love the services at the Ritz Carlton hotel. Overlooking the ocean, complete with a redwood sauna and rooftop bar, this spa is the picture of relaxation. Picture yourself relaxing with your girls while enjoying the featured chamomile lavender summer dream massage or the full body experience of chamomile lavender salt scrub. Get yourself ready for a night on the town with a day of relaxation.

Urban Wine Trail in the Funk Zone

Are you ready to sip your way through the wineries of downtown Santa Barbara? You should be! A wine tour with Urban Wine Trail brings a whole new meaning to boutique wineries. Customize your tour and make it 100% tailored to your party. DNCE recommended cake by the ocean, but we prefer wine by the ocean! Wine(d) your way around downtown Santa Barbara with your wine tour on wheels!


Does sipping on the sea sound as amazing to you as it does to us? Santa Barbara Sailing offers all the water fun you can imagine. Take your girls for a day cruise or get a little workout in with a stand-up paddle board excursion (not that you need it – mimosas have orange juice in them so they’re healthy). Take a private charter to the world-famous Channel Islands National Park and Marine Sanctuary, the Galapagos of the Pacific. We absolutely cannot get over the amazing pictures you can take on these beautiful boats with a breathtaking backdrop. Brunch on a yacht is nice, but brunch on a sailboat is truly spectacular.

Places to eat and drink for your bachelorette weekend in santa barbara

Where to Eat & Drink

Finch & Fork

It’s time to experience the taste of Santa Barbara. If fire roasted milkshakes and baked mac ‘n’ cheese peak your interest, Finch & Fork is the place for you! They keep the food simple with 6 ingredients or less per dish, so it’s up to you and your girls to bring the adventure! This is the perfect place to keep your stomach in check before a wild night out!

The Lark

Everyone loves anything artisanal, right? The Lark’s unique vibe and exceptional dinner, dessert, and wine list is sure to make your night special. The dinner menu comes from three of our favorite places, “from the farm,” “from the ocean,” and “from the ranch.” Located in the heart of the Funk Zone, this is the perfect place to kick off your night!

The Shop Kitchen

Brunch. Coffee. Pastries. If that sounds amazing to you, check out The Shop! Everything is freshly baked just for you; plus their six variations of eggs benedict has our mouths watering. The Shop is the perfect place to kick-off a relaxing spa day with your girls or to catch-up after a wild night out. Keep the party going with some mimosas or refresh with a freshly roasted coffee from Handlebar Roasters!

Los Agaves

We are always in favor of a little south-of-the-border action. You’ll find plenty of that and much more at Los Agaves. Yelp rates it as one of the top five restaurants in Santa Barbara and we actually agree! They call it contemporary Mexican dining, we call it the perfect place for margs and signature enchiladas (think: fresh halibut and shrimp, roasted veggies, topped with smoky chipotle sauce.. amazing!). So, grab your girls and take the party south of the border!

Boathouse at Hendry’s

Cocktails.. On the beach.. At sunset – can it get better than that?! The Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach offers that sought-after California dining experience. Incredibly fresh seafood plus one of Santa Barbara’s best happy hours is sure to be a highlight of your bachelorette weekend! Get lost in the breathtaking sights of the ocean and the endless California shoreline with the perfect drink in your hand.


If you’re looking for a one-stop shop, we’ve found it for you! The Waterline is an amazing industrial warehouse turned food and drink destination. Inside is not only one, but four exceptional taprooms, wine bars, and brewing companies. Not to mention the food from The Nook is designed to pair beautifully with beer and wines offered throughout the venue. Bring the party and experience the industrial vibe at the Waterline.

Places to stay in santa barbara for your bachelorette party

Where to Stay

Hotel Milo

Ready to fall in love with Southern California beachside living? Hotel Milo offers classic SoCal beachfront with a contemporary twist. The blend of beach-chic decor with classic Spanish Colonial architecture is not only amazing to look at, but is sure to provide the perfect backdrop for an adorable party pic (do it for the Gram)! Speaking of pictures, image how picture perfect you and your girls will look cruising down the beach in your complimentary beach cruiser (rental included with your stay)!


Let’s kick this party up a notch, with an entire house! Rent an AirBnb and have all the freedom you can ask for, plus the comforts of home! Stay in one night and make that authentic Italian dinner you’ve been craving. Remember, the wine is absolutely pivotal! Have space to sprawl out or use that space to bring the party home! Find that adorable beach cottage just steps from amazing bars and breathtaking views.

Hotel Californian

Welcome to the Hotel California(n), such a lovely place. Okay, okay, we know this wasn’t exactly what the Eagles were talking about, but they would agree with how amazing this pick is. Redefine American Riviera with the modern Spanish colonial architecture. Steps from the beach and adjacent to the Funk Zone, the Hotel California is the perfect place for your party to begin! Did we mention the rooftop pool? Seriously, drinks, on the rooftop, overlooking the beach; paradise!

Kimpton Canary

Make your Bachelorette weekend truly exceptional at the luxurious Kimpton Canary. Complete with four-post beds to make you feel like the queen you are, and all-day rosé to indulge in, this place is so much more than a regular hotel. You already know we’re big fans of rooftop bars, and the Kimpton doesn’t disappoint with its rooftop pool and bar. Local wines are always making their rounds; plus, if you’re there on a Saturday morning, be sure to check out one of the rooftop yoga classes!

Four Seasons Biltmore

Did someone say bungalow? Treat yourself and your girls to the life of luxury at the Four Seasons. Get a private bungalow and bask in the secluded, relaxing nature of this luxurious stay. Don’t forget about the 22 acres of beachfront property ready for you to explore, or just look at (we aren’t judging)! Plus, the rain shower in every bathroom is sure to make the getting ready process utterly amazing.


Whether you’re a California local or your party is flying in for your SoCal bachelorette adventure, our Santa Barbara Bachelorette Guide will give you have an unforgettable vacation so you go home with memories to last a lifetime!

Hillcrest Bars | Your San Diego Nightlife Guide

San Diego’s Hillcrest neighborhood is a vibrant community with tons of great food and entertainment. Located just a few miles away from Downtown, visit Hillcrest to get a taste of local culture. Check out our favorite Hillcrest bars below!

Urban MO’s

Urban MO’s is a hetero-friendly gay restaurant in San Diego that believes cocktails should be served out of plastic farm animals and that San Diego is best enjoyed from an outdoor patio, drink in hand. Make sure you try their famous Blackout Lemonades while you’re there!

Blackout Lemonade | Urban Mo's Hillcrest

Uptown Tavern

“Whether you are looking for a place to relax after a long day of work, somewhere to catch the big game, host a private event, or just to get a little wild on the weekends, Uptown Tavern is the second home and family you’ve been looking for.”

Pineapple Expression
A sweet mix of herradura Blanco Tequila, Giffard Banana Liqueur, Real lime juice, pineapple juice, and all-Natural Cinnamon.

Pineapple Expression | Uptown Tavern Hillcrest

Gossip Grill

“The perfect combination of ambiance and tastes will have you crawling back for more. Gossip is decked out with feminine inspired art, fabulous chandeliers, and a foliage facade outdoor patio bar with two fire pits that allows everyone to enjoy Hillcrest the way it was supposed to be enjoyed – outdoors. Pair that with modern American Comfort Food and you’ve got yourself a one of a kind five-star women’s bar.”

Shark Bait
Served up in a 40 oz. fishbowl, the Shark Bait cocktail is a tasty blend of Hypnotiq, Sugar Island Coconut Rum, Cruzan Pineapple Rum, Blue Curaço, pineapple, orange juice, Sprite, and a grenadine filled shark. Grab your girls and go get one!

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 11.53.06 AM

Project Bar & Grill

Located in a 1902 Craftsman house, Project Bar & Grill is a neighborhood sports bar serving elevated bar food, small-batch craft beers, and stand-out cocktails. They also serve Project IPA, CBD Cocktails on draft & Peanut Butter Chocolate Jameson Shots on Nitro Tap.

Project Bar & Grill Specials
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate Jameson Shot
  • Tuesday Trivia Night
  • $5 Keep the Pint Night
  • $15 Pitcher Thursdays
Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 11.59.06 AM

Inside Out

Hillcrest’s newest restaurant and lounge, insideOUT, is a chic and refined destination for those who want to enjoy fine dining, craft cocktails, and relax in an urban oasis.

Flamboyant Flamingo
Made for you and 3-5 of your favorite friends, the Flamboyant Flamingo is a delectable mix of Elyx Vodka, St. Germaine, rosé wine, lemon juice, and soda.
Flamboyant Flamingo | insideOUT Hillcrest Bars

5 Party Fouls To Avoid On Your Next Social Cycle Tour

If there was a list of universal employee loved jobs, being a Captain for a party bike would be among the top. Seriously, you show up in summer swag, shades on, tunes bumpin’, to a group of strangers that are there for the sole purpose of a good time. Any introduction that begins with an ear-to-ear smile is generally considered a great start.

But oh how horrible things can go…

Just kidding.

In all seriousness, it is one knee slappin’ good time, but occasionally there are speed bumps.  We call these “party fouls” a.k.a. “what not to do (as a rider).”  Every party bike captain has dealt with ’em, so we wanted to share some of our favorites stories that everyone can learn from.

  1. Not Tipping The Bartenders

Think about it.  We roll up with energy levels full throttle.  The tour has just been singing, dancing, and pedaling their way over and then bop right into the joint with a crew of their closest 16 pals.  The bar is busy and that’s a win-win.  Service staff sees dollar signs, riders see stiff drinks, and I see a 30-minute break 😉

BUT this all comes crashing down when the bar patrons leave a next-to-nothing tip.  These poor bartenders may have just dealt with various individual drink orders, an equal amount of separate tabs, a brow full of sweat, and barely any coin to show for it.  The patrons then finish their one or two beverages before moving on to the next location while the bartenders look on, deflated.

Now I’m not saying that ya gotta leave your paycheck, but consider the effort to appease your squad of beautiful lunatics put in by the local watering hole staff. It will be appreciated and a round on-the-house might be in your future.

2. Wear Your Freaking Seatbelt (That Means Your Blowup Doll Too)

Our number two party foul/moral of the story comes with a funny little tale to go with it. Once upon a time, a group of party-ready pedalers brought a blow-up doll along for their tour. Now, we have no issue with this! We are always happy to accommodate our riders and their friends. But everyone should buckle up (dolls included), or you risk having a big gust of wind blow your blow-up doll into oncoming traffic and cause reduced visibility and car accidents. Yes, this actually happened, so we’ll just politely remind you to please wear your seat belt, for your safety and those around you.

3. Wear Shoes, Please.

Southern California is laid back, we definitely know that. If you’re lucky, you’re spending a good portion of your time on the beach, sand between your toes and no shoes to be found. However, since our party bike tours don’t take place on the beach, we’ve gotta request that you wear shoes on our tours. Not only is it safer for your feet (and way more sanitary), you won’t get to go inside any of our partner bars on the tour if you’re barefoot (it’s the whole “no shirt, no shoes, no service” rule).

4. Starting Your Tour Wasted

You paid to hop on a party bike – you know you’re gonna have to pedal! We know you’ll have some fun throughout the tour and that your pedaling performance might decrease along the way, but don’t ruin the fun by drinking too much before you even get here!

5. Bring Your Real ID – A Picture Doesn’t Count

It’s pretty common knowledge that most bars are going to ID (take it as a compliment, you’re looking young today). So please, pack your ID! Stick it in your friend’s purse, your boyfriend’s wallet, inside your shoe…just make sure it’s with you. Bartenders are busy people and they don’t have time to explain why a photo of your ID doesn’t pass for the real thing. Save yourself some time and headache and triple check that you have your ID before you hop on the bike!

Pacific Beach Bars | Your San Diego Nightlife Guide

Know for it’s laid-back, coastal vibes, San Diego’s Pacific Beach neighborhood is filled with rooftop bars and fruity cocktails. You’ll be able to admire the Pacific’s famous sunsets as you enjoy some of San Diego’s best food and drink.

Join us on a tour to visit all of the great bars below, and more!

Backyard Kitchen & Tap

Looking for the perfect location for families, groups, and even pets to enjoy some great food and drinks? Visit the Backyard Kitchen & Tap! We are just one block off of the beach but you will truly feel at home visiting the Backyard Kitchen & Tap.

So Fresh & So Green
So Fresh & So Green is a gin cocktail with Hendrick’s as it’s base liquor. To build this cocktail the bartender muddles together cucumber, granny smith apple slices, lime juice, and simple syrup. After muddling they add the gin, shake, and strain into a coupe glass garnishing with a slice of cucumber. It is a light, refreshing cocktail that goes perfectly with a hot summer day on our beautiful patio.
Backyard Kitchen & Tap | Pacific Beach Bars | San Diego Nightlife

Duck Dive

As the name suggests, Duck Dive and its ambiance is an ode to the rich surf and beach culture that resides just steps away in the Pacific Ocean and their surrounding neighborhoods and community. They pride themselves on selling quality food and beverages without pretense. Their menu is compiled of takes on classic American dishes as well as coastal favorites.

Take Me To Mexico
This is a great cocktail made with Altos tequila, fresh watermelon, basil, and jalapeño for a little kick at the end.  They’re just steps away from the Pacific so when you walk in you still feel like you’re on the beach (but even better because you’ll have a cocktail in hand).

Duck Dive

The Local

The Local’s menu blends some Local favorites, pub-style grub, and coastal inspirations resulting in a delicious variety of flavors. The cocktails utilize fresh, hand-pressed juices and the beer selection highlights our adoration for the craft beer movement greatly influenced by America’s Finest City.

Sand Pail Punch
We recommend the Sand Pail Punch for a tropical vacation in your mouth! Made with Bacardi Rum, Malibu, Amaretto, Fresh Squeezed OJ, Pineapple Juice, and Grenadine this one is a sure-fire recipe for a good time in PB.

Pro Tip: It’s only $6 for the 32oz. Keep-the-Bucket Margarita on Taco Tuesdays!
Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 12.54.06 PM

El Prez

Their rooftop overlooks Pacific Beach. Their gourmet tacos are made with fresh, local ingredients and served in house-made tortillas. Their bar features a large selection of tequilas, with 18 beers on tap. El Prez is where to drink, where to eat, and where to party in San Diego!

64oz Blueberry Mint-A-Rita
This giant cocktail is a large version of one of our best-selling specialty cocktails. We fill it with 5 full shots of Espolone Blanco Tequilla, our house-created Margarita mix, and fresh blueberry puree before adding fresh mint and limes to the 64oz mason jar and muddling and shaking everything together. To finish the cocktail, we garnish it with more fresh mint, blueberries, and an orange slice. It’s served with jumbo bendy straws so you and your friends can enjoy the giant cocktail together!
El Prez | Pacific Beach Bars

Miss B’s

Miss B’s Coconut Club is a revival of Mission Beach’s colorful past. The pin-up girl’s Caribbean curves and demure smile have returned to welcome everyone who steps inside, whether you’re a first timer, a part-timer, or someone who settled in the area and never left. They proudly pour 20 local and microbrew tap handles, along with kombucha on tap and house-made cold brew on nitro.

Havana Good Time
A refreshing summer punch bowl designed to be shared by a small group, the Havana A Good Time is perfect for cyclers popping in after their ride. The drink consists of vodka, Pamplemousse, and house grapefruit and cucumber cordial topped with kombucha. Light and fruity with a hint of citrusy sweet, it’s a surefire crowd pleaser!
Miss B's Coconut Club | Pacific Beach Bars

Top 10 Places To Visit In Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a true desert oasis; waving palm trees, balmy weather, sun that never stops, and some of the best food, drink, and activities in all of SoCal. We’ve spent our fair share of time there (have to learn the lay of the land for you guys), so read on for our favorite Palm Springs activities and things to do.

Moorten Botanical Garden

Jetlag got you down? Feeling a little prickly? Moorten Botanical Garden is the perfect place to walk around and unwind after your voyage to Hollywood’s playground. Founded over 60 years ago and considered the world’s first “Cactarium,” these gardens are home to over 3,000 different cacti species and a plethora of small desert animals. It’s winding pathways and quirky Wild West setting make this sea of green a prime backdrop for your next desert photoshoot, and if you trip, oh well beauty is pain after all.

photo of moorten botanical garden

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

It’s no secret that Palm Springs is a literal desert. Don’t worry though, we found the perfect way to cool you off, spin you around, and lift you up! The idea for Palm Springs Aerial Tramway was first concocted on a particularly hot day in 1933 when Francis Crocker gazed upon the misty mountaintop above and dreamed of being just as tall and cold. What can we say; the man was vertically challenged and we’re very grateful for his attempt at compensation. The ride lasts about 12 minutes and provides unbelievable views of the desert below.

Bacon Flight at Cheeky’s

Oversleep this morning? No worries, Cheeky’s serves breakfast all day! One of Palm Spring’s top-rated brunch spots, Cheeky’s offers freshly squeezed juices and breakfast cocktails, unique breakfast entrees (the menu changes weekly), homemade pastries and a bacon bar. Whether you’re recovering from a night out or just love breakfast that much (we do), you’ll have a hard time deciding what to order. We recommend their Bacon Flight Sampler…with five different flavors, you’ll definitely find a favorite. Need some sweet to go along with all that savory? How about one of Cheeky’s famous cinnamon rolls? They’re handcrafted from layered croissant dough and twirled in brown sugar and cinnamon. No, the mimosas are not bottomless, but they are made with a selection of fresh juices (try the Pomegranate).
Cheeky's Palm Springs | Things To Do In Palm Springs

Social Cycle

What’s the best way to tour downtown Palm Springs and get a taste of local color? Social Cycle of course! Voted the #1 activity on Palm Springs TripAdvisor, our party bike will take you to some of Palm Springs’ hottest spots for specialty cocktails and local brews! As you pedal through the heart of downtown along Palm Canyon Drive, your Captain will guide you to a selection of Palm Springs’ favorite and famous watering holes. From tiki bars to tapas restaurants, roadhouse pubs to outdoor patios, rooftop lounges to nightclubs–you’ll get to sample it all and quench your thirst! Hop on a public tour or book a private tour for your party.
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Indian Canyons

Need a nature break from Palm Springs city life? Just a few miles south of downtown, Indian Canyons on the Agua Caliente Indian Reservation offers the chance to beat the desert heat while exploring winding canyons shaded by groves of native California Fan Palm trees. Make sure you check out Tahquitz Canyon while you’re there–it’s home to an exquisite 60-foot waterfall, rock art, ancient irrigation systems, native wildlife, and plants, which you’ll learn all about at the Tahquitz Canyon Visitor Center.
palm trees and lake in Indian Canyons

Kimpton Rowan Hotel

After long days of exploring everything Palm Springs has to offer, you’ll want to put your feet up and relax! At Kimpton Rowan Hotel, “urban enchantment meets epic scenery.” You’ll enjoy California’s legendary sunsets from their rooftop bar and pool, sample fresh, local foods at their restaurants, and take it all in at the end of the day in front of the two-story windows in their lobby. Choose from their guest rooms, specialty guest rooms, and suites for your stay, but know that whatever you choose, you will enjoy Palm Springs’ finest luxury restoration.
Kimpton Rowan Hotel | Things To Do In Palm Springs

Backstreet Art District

In an environment like Palm Springs’ arid desert, artists are sure to find inspiration. Admire their creations in the Backstreet Art District where you’ll find paintings, ceramics, jewelry, photography, and more. Visit Artize if you’re looking for some inventive contemporary pieces, and don’t miss Galleria Marconi’s stunning, one-of-a-kind glass creations.
Galleria Marconi | Things To Do In Palm Springs

Doors of Palm Springs

Doors of Palm Springs is a passion project started by Gré, a lover of world-travel and film photography. As she documents the many colorful and artistic doors in Palm Springs, you’ll want to do some Insta-stalking and see if you can’t go find a couple of the doors for yourself! Afterward, visit Gré’s Coffeehouse and Art Gallery downtown to grab a copy of her gorgeous coffee table book, containing all of the images she’s gathered over the years.
Doors Of Palm Springs | Things To Do In Palm Springs

Tonga Hut

If you hop on a tour with us, we’ll make sure we take you to Palm Springs’ favorite Tiki bar, Tonga Hut, for some handcrafted island cocktails. If you can’t join us, make sure you try their specialty Mai Tai. This refreshing cocktail is based on the original Trader Vic’s recipe, and blends Jamaican and Puerto Rican rums with orgeat & orange curaçao and finishes with citrus notes.
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Vintage Thrifting

Palm Springs has an eclectic population, and their thrift stores reflect it! No matter what your style is, you’ll find pieces to suit your fancy at one of their vintage thrift stores. For clothing, swing by Gypsyland and The Frippery. Our favorite thing about The Frippery is the variety of occasions you’ll find apparel for! Whether you’re poolside or headed out for a night downtown, they’ve got the perfect outfit waiting!
The Frippery Vintage Thrift Shop | Things To Do In Palm Springs