Social Cycle Tour Ideas: Costumes!

Did you just book a Social Cycle tour? Are you looking to spice up your ride and stand out? Well we here at Social Cycle have compiled a list of costume tours to help you out. 

Sumo Squad:

Having a huge problem thinking of a costume idea? Looking to make a big statement? This squad brought it to a different level with inflatable wrestler costumes for a sumo Sunday Social Cycle. Don’t forget to order some sake!  



Take a blast back to the past with some like totally rad 80s outfits. This crew jazzercised their way thru the streets of Santa Barbara. Other 80s party ideas could include themed movies, musicians, characters and even fads. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your 80s playlist!



Yee Haw! Grab your hat, rustle up some denim and strap on your boots for a cowgirl themed outing. These lovely ladies of the west ‘steered’ their Social Cycle wagon thru the San Diego streets looking for trouble. A country music playlist and a country bar were on their trail as they mosey’d up to the bars in search of some firewater.      


Women in Wigs:

Wiggin’ out trying to think of a good idea? Then just keep it simple and toss on a wacky ‘n wild colorful wig. These gorgeous ladies pedaled around with their wavy hair like they just don’t care. 



We.Are.Speechless. This picture is the gift that keeps on giving. These fellas went overboard in overalls with bonus points for single strapping, cutoffs and roll-ups.  (Shirts not required)

Who’s Got Game?

At a bar with no foosball, pool table, Jenga or beer pong? Forgot your portable dice or deck of cards at home? Tired of staring at the TV? Not a good conversationalist? Well Social Cycle has you covered with some game ideas during your tour. 

Shot Roulette

First, each participant needs a shot glass. Second, fill all glasses with water except one with vodka. Third, shuffle the shot glasses around. Fourth, everyone pinches their noses and takes their shot one at a time until the inevitable happens; someone gets the vodka. Finally, if the person who gets the vodka shot manages to conceal the fact that they drank the vodka, that participant gets to choose someone to take a vodka shot. If not, fill ‘em up and keep the rounds comin’!


The Name Game
This game only requires one to know famous people – easy, right? First, the game begins with the first player saying the name of a famous person. For example, they start by saying Winston Churchill. Secondly, it’s up to the following player to say a famous person’s name that begins with the first letter of the last name just mentioned. A possibility in this situation could be Christina Aguilera followed by the next player saying a name and so on.  Now if a player says a name where the first and last name starts with the same letter, the game changes direction. Finally, if a player cannot immediately name someone they must take a drink and the game restarts. So, turn off those phones and turn up the brain power! 


Text or Shot

First, everyone must have a cell phone. Second, place all the phones in the middle of the table and shuffle them up. Third, everyone grabs a random phone. Fourth, without sending it, everyone composes a text message to someone on that phone. Next, the group goes around in a circle and, without seeing the message the phone’s owner can choose to take a shot or let their phone’s captor send the message. The game then continues until everyone has zero friends left on their phone (joking!) – but, there might be some explaining to do in the morning!  


Bar Golf

This game is short and simple. It consists of playing at each bar on your stop and assigning different drinks par values (points).  For example, a shot is par 1, a mixed drink is par 2, an IPA beer is par 3 and a pilsner beer is par 4. After your tour ends add up your scores and reward the winner with… a golf clap? We dunno, but we’re sure you’ll think of something.  Oh, and don’t forget to wear your golf attire!



Do you like animals? Can you make animal noises? If so, this game is for you. First, every player chooses an animal. Second, the first player acts out his/her animal by its noise, motion or both. Third, when that player is finished acting out their animal they point to the next player who then follows by replicating the noise/motion of their animal. Play should move quickly, and anyone who pauses too long has to drink. The game requires a voice, some flailing arms and a high tolerance when getting heckled from your fellow patrons. Hee-Haw!! 

Editor’s Note: Please drink responsibly and be respectful of the bars you attend. Oh, and remember you still need to pedal! Happy Gaming!! 

Creative Date Ideas in Palm Springs

Whether you’re planning a first date or you’re looking to spend some quality time with your long-term partner, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to round up some of Palm Spring’s unique date ideas.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway:

Get a view from above Palm Springs and Coachella Valley with a ride up the Palm Springs Aerial Tram. As you ascend Southern California’s second highest mountain range the tram rotates offering sweeping 360-degree views of the desert floor. At the peak, there are restaurants, observation decks and even a natural history museum. For the adventuresome couples you can explore the 50 plus miles of hiking trails, go cross country skiing or even take in some snowshoeing (weather permitting).


Purple Room Supper Club

Looking for a unique dinner experience? The Purple Room Supper Club is where the Rat Pack, including Frank, Sammy and Dean performed. You’ll be transported back to the 60s while enjoying live jazz music on the weekdays and internationally acclaimed entertainers performing shows during the weekends. Make sure to plan ahead as spots fill up quickly.


Tahquitz Canyon:

Looking to create a memorable experience for a first date? Then grab your hiking boots and trek to Tahquitz Canyon. The canyons can be found on the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians reservation. The Cahuilla Indians settled there thousand of years ago as can be seen by the rock art, ancient irrigation systems, house pits, native wildlife and plants that still inhabit this area. In addition, there is a 60-foot waterfall and a visitor center that has educational and cultural exhibits.


Pottery Class:

Who doesn’t like getting a little dirty? Throw some clay on the wheel or channel you inner Demi Moore/Patrick Swayze skills and hand mold some pottery. Learn a new craft while enjoying some quality time together casting and glazing.


Social Cycle Party Bike Tours:

For an out-of-the-box date idea, take a Social Cycle party bike tour through downtown Palm Springs or Palm Canyon Drive. We’ll take you to the best tiki bars, cocktail bars, beer bars and restaurants the city has to offer.

Little Italy | Your San Diego Nightlife Guide 

In our fifth edition of San Diego’s Nightlife Guide we take a look at Little Italy.
If a thriving restaurant scene, craft breweries, pubs, wineries, patio cafés and a pedestrian friendly area is what you are looking for then Little Italy has it all. Check out our favorite places below:

Queenstown Public House:
Queenstown is a New Zealand-inspired restaurant in a 1905 craftsman style home.
With indoor and outdoor seating at this dog friendly joint, Queenstown serves amazing upscale pub food paired with local beers, wines and craft cocktails.

Our Favorite Drink: The blood orange organic juice mimosa
Our Favorite Foods: The patty melt, quiche, grilled cheese, kiwilango burger, mac & cheese and anything with lamb (we could go on)


Ballast Point:
Ballast Point was founded in 1996 in San Diego in the back of a home brew mart. Now a residence in Little Italy, Ballast Point offers award winning beers, casual dining, an outdoor patio and private cabanas. If you’re looking for a laid back atmosphere cruise in for a beer, flight, growler, keg or even a tour.

Our Favorite Drinks: Their flagship beers such as Sculpin, Manta Ray or Victory at Sea


Nolita Hall:
Inspired by Europe’s legendary beer cities, Nolita Hall is a stylish contemporary joint that is a hot spot with the locals. Known for it’s specialty food, beer taps and extensive cocktail menu Nolita also has two indoor shuffleboards and large TVs to view sporting events.

Our Favorite Drink: Lara’s Jam
Our Favorite Food: The pizzas



Waterfront Bar and Grill:
Are you looking for cold beers, shots, good food, old friends, new friends, an amazing staff, a swordfish, a jukebox and free popcorn? Did you say “heck yeah”? If so, then cruise into San Diego’s oldest tavern. The Waterfront for lack of a better word is rad. This is a must stop on anyone’s list of San Diego hot spots. Fun Fact: Usually the last place to close in Little Italy for one, two or three last call beverages.

Our Favorite Drink: The Bloody Mary
Our Favorite Foods: The machaca burrito and huevos rancheros


The Food Hall:
Voted best “New Food Halls” in the nation by USA Today.  Little Italy’s Food Hall also boasts a 10,000 square foot piazza. Belly up to the bar for some craft beers, Italian ales, wines and Italian-inspired craft cocktails that compliment their six local food stations. The piazza is also home to Little Italy’s Farmers Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Our Favorite Drink: Wine Wednesdays with ½ off all bottles of wine
Our Favorite Food: Bobboi’s natural gelatos

We hope you’ve enjoyed our roundup of Little Italy’s best nightlife!

Social Cycle’s Survival Guide To Winters In Southern California

Did you know that temperatures in Southern California can dip down to 40 degrees? We know it’s unbearable and scary to think about, but here at Social Cycle we have you covered. We have put together a survival guide for you.

Dress Appropriately: Mom always said to wear a hat in the cold because we lose 80% of our body heat through our head. So, bundle up with a jacket, hoodie, hat, beanie, earmuffs, scarf and gloves. Want to add some extra flair to your tour? Make it a themed tour and wear a warm costume or onesie.








Daytime Tours: Book a daytime tour and avoid our frigid arctic Southern California nighttime temperatures.








Keep Those Feet Pedaling: While on your tour you’ll be pedaling, thus generating instant body warmth from stomping on the pedals. To create further warmth waive your arms around like a wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tubeman!








During Your Tour Stops: For those chilly nights order a hot and tasty boozy beverage. Irish coffee, hot toddies and hot buttered rum are some of our favorites!








During Your Tour Stops: Still cold? Well it’s time to hit the dance floor and dance, dance, dance! Warm those muscles and impress your friends while doing the running man, the sprinkler, the dougie or even a little flossing.

Social Cycle Holiday Gift Ideas

It’s the holiday season! Time to spend hours choosing a gift for each person in your life, or not, but no worries we’ve got you covered! Avoid the crowded malls and hop on your computer to pick-up some of our gift ideas. Depending on when you purchase one of these gifts some will come with an additional discount and/or free shipping!


For Her: Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Is she a yogi? Well, this 5mm mat is suitable for all her Namaste mantra yogi activities. As an added bonus these mats are made from repurposed wetsuits.


For Him: Baxter of California: Best of Baxter

Launched in 1965, in a time when men’s skincare was basically non-existent Baxter gained a cult following among the Hollywood crowd. Today, Baxter of California is a staple of the men’s grooming industry. This set will have him covered from head to toe with hair, skin, body and shave products.

For the New Mom: Mommy’s First Milestones Wine Labels

Want to give that new mom the present of laughter and relief? Mommy’s first milestones wine labels are for her significant life firsts into motherhood. The set of four labels include first date night, first girls’ night out, baby on the move and of course, first public tantrum. We know she will waaaah this!



For The Newborn Dad: The Rad Dad Box

Looking for something different for that new dad? The Rad Dad Box will provide him with everything he needs to survive the first two weeks of fatherhood, plus a little something for later! The Newborn Starter Kit includes a newborn book, manly hand sanitizer for those diaper changes, two pairs of earplugs for mom and dad, a foldable fork/spoon/knife set great for dads on the go, baby soap, an organic washcloth, nail files and a crocheted donut rattle because you can never start their musical career too early! What more could Rad Dad ask for?


For the Family with Kids: Egged On

For that wacky family with kids looking for an egg-cellent game! Egg On is a suspenseful, fast-paced, laugh-out-loud party game. Get ready for plenty of laughs as players compete to be the last one left without getting wet. Choose one egg at a time, not knowing whether it will be filled with water or not. Choose carefully! Once an egg is chosen, it has to be used. Who will be the last one left in this showdown? It’s yolk-ingly fun!


For The Thirsty Peddler: Social Cycle Private Tour

Need a gift for someone with an upcoming birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, holiday party or just an excuse to have fun with friends? Well, book them a tour on Social Cycle! Southern California’s Best Party Bike!


For the Techie Traveler: Travel Cord Roll

Tired of watching loved ones get caught up in their tangle cords? Well, worry no more, as they will be easily packing electronic cords and other knick-knacks with this stylish travel roll. Tangled techie be gone!

For the Drinker: Upcycled Record Coasters

Rock out one’s coffee table with these stylish retro vinyl record coasters.  They’re perfect for music lovers, and their friends will be rolling with jealousy. These coasters are made out of a durable silicone, free to bend and environmentally non-toxic.


For the Gardening Chef: Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

Vintageinspired planters that use a passive hydroponic system make it easy to grow herbs in the kitchen. Give the gift that keeps giving… errr… we mean keeps growing!