3 Quick Reasons To Ride A Party Bike With Your Team

A party bike tour might not be your first thought when you want to plan a team-building activity, but we know it’s a great option.

  1. Teamwork Makes The Bike Move

Party bikes require everyone to put in some effort! It’s a great way to promote equality within your team and show them that in order to reach a goal (or in this case, the next destination), they all have to work together and pitch in.

2. Happy Hour Or No Happy Hour, It’s Still Less Stuffy Than Most Other Team Building

Most team building activity announcements are met with disgruntled sighs and murmured comments and people planning to call in sick. Want to avoid this? Pick an activity (like a party bike) that will put your employees and coworkers in a relaxed, enjoyable environment where they can be themselves.

3. Work Hard, Play Hard. Together.

Teams tend to be happier when they have great relationships inside and outside of the office, as friends and as coworkers. Not only does this result in more mutual respect among different departments and internal teams, it’ll give you a happier, more productive office.